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Many of these active ingredients are used in high concentrations in flea and tick topical spot-on medications for dogs without any problem; however, in certain species (like cats and fish), this high level of a concentrated pyrethroid can result in severe poisoning. Other sources of these chemicals include household insect sprays and topical flea sprays and shampoos; however, these are typically in very low concentrations (

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I’ve had my little dog since last June and never saw any fleas whatsoever till yesterday. I swear one minute, none and then several and she is miserable and I am scared. I’ve never had a flea infestation with any of my dogs so do not understand this. She doesn’t even go outside except on the screened-patio. I give her Trifexis every 4 weeks without fail and ensure she swallows it so I simply do not understand this. Can a dog develop an immunity to the medication? I bought those foggers and activated them today and left for 2 1/2 hours; do not detect any odor upon return. I also bought some anti-itch wipes and used them on her; she seemed to get a little relief. It is very frustrating to me a she is so anxiety-filled at this turn of events that she only wants to sit on my lap and whine, thereby keeping me from getting much done. Even in the van ride today to get away, she had to sit on my lap and fuss. It was most disconcerting. Any advice out there? I am taking her to the vet on Monday but would appreciate any input from out there too! Thanks for listening. Janine Johnson

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This cat was given a partial dose of a flea and tick medication that is meant for dogs only Finally, help save those fish out there and protect the environment – never let your dog jump right into the lake, pond, or ocean after you apply a flea and tick medication – wait at least 24 hours for the product is dry. Otherwise it can result in poisoning of the fish in the water.

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When in doubt, talk to your veterinarian about the safest type of flea and tick medications to use on your cats and dogs. If you own both species, you should separate your dog from his buddy cat until the spot-on product is completely dried so you can prevent chemical exposure to your cat.

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