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I brought my 7 year old Corgi to the vet because she was having urinating issues. My vet tested her urine and said she has crystals and a UTI. We put her on antibiotics and on the Hills Science Diet C/D food. A month before my male dog had the same issue and we resolved it the same way. I normally feed my dogs NUTRO™ Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Adult Dog Food, they have been on it for 6 years and we love it. Our vet suggested keeping them on the C/D diet permanently, which i do not want to do since outside of the help to remove struvites, it has terrible ingredients that I do not want in their food, such as corn and gluten, and my corgi is food sensitive.

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For crystals it depends what kind of crystals you have. If you have struvite crystals then you can help control it with food. You can also add supplements like Berry Balance to help or cranberry pills. Many dog owners control struvite crystals with either a raw diet, or a kibble diet. (Ill talk about struvite b/c they are the most common type, and calcium oxalate crystals cannot easily be controlled by diet except to avoid foods high in oxalate). Struvites form in alkaline urine, so to prevent you need to keep the pH of the urine more on the acidic side. You should choose a kibble accordingly--if you need help with that you can feel free to ask.

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If the dog does have a urinary tract infection, a prescription dog food will not cure it. I have a female 3, almost 4 year old papillon who had these infections, no stones just the struvite crystals....I have two paps, and both were on grain free good foods.....Anabelle always was a dog that would hold her pee.....and then just go sometimes right in front of I know why, as the crystals hurt her to go potty.....on and off my vet would treat her with antibiotics for them.....about the 4th time I was like, more antibiotics.....she has no infection....let me look into this more, there has to be a better I did.......there is a dog food store here (actually we have 3 good ones) that sell raw foods and all the good grain free foods....the one store I go to a lot, I asked the owner to help...she goes to Dr. Karen Becker.....(google her) and for this dog she said to get her on raw....I went the easy way...Primal brand raw foods, I don't have to worry about getting it right..... cranberry power, 1/8 teaspoon a day, and a product called Tinkle 6 weeks later, I took in a urine and.....NO MORE STRUITE CRYSTALS!! My vet was writing it all down on her records and told me to keep up the good work!! I would take other urine sample in like at 8 weeks crystals.....and now she doesn't hold her pee and asks out like a normal dog.....It has been a year this past December they have been on the raw....what a difference in everything!!...she needed moisture...get your dog off that garbage the vet wants you on....Good Luck to you!!

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We just adopted Frannie and saw the vet for the first time. Her labs looked good other than struvite crystals in her urine, and the vet suggested Hill's Prescription diet c/d. I've done some research into foods and feel a little overwhelmed. I want to give her the highest quality food I can, but I can't find any that say they are suited to dogs with this problem. My vet wasn't too helpful with suggestions.

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