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This a great site for dog food information but I just wanted to add that cottage cheese in Innova is problematic for my dog and caused colitis. Best advice: know your dog, then read the ingredients.

Innova dog food is manufactured by Natura Pet Products, based in Santa Clara, CA.

Having spoken to a distributor, as he has been told, Proctor and Gamble are leaving Innova and the other foods that Natura used to make alone. This is even after the formula changes that were done by the people at Natura, not P&G. If you compare formulas for the old to the new, you will find the new formulas are somewhat better than old. If your dog is having issues with the new formula, I doubt it is the food, but the dog have a reaction to the change in the formula. When I switched both my dogs did not have any issues at all.

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Innova Flex Canned Dog Food earns the Advisor’s second-highest rating of four stars. As of now, given that the top five ingredients of Innova dog food are turkey, chicken, chicken meal, barley, and brown rice, we would rate Innova as an above-average brand of dog food. However, we strongly suggest you to keep an eye on the brand in case Procter & Gamble decides to switch the formulas, change their practices, or downgrade the ingredients.

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As for where they source their ingredients, Natura has a website, See Beyond The Bag, where you can select Innova dog food formulas and specific ingredients to see where they come from. We don’t know if Procter & Gamble has acquired that website, or if they made any changes to it.

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The voluntary recall of Innova products that was first announced on March 18, 2013 has been expanded to all Innova dry dog and cat foods and a cat treat with expiration dates before and including March 24, 2014. As a precaution, these products are being recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination.Innova contains none of the following dog food ingredients: Meat meal, animal fat, poultry by-products, soybean meal, rice gluten, wheat mids, peanut hulls, wheat flour, wheat bran, rice flour, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, artificial colors or flavors, or any other substandard, low quality, by-products from human food processing.The Natura dog food brands are widely recognized as among the best quality dog food available, consistently appearing on various lists of 10 best dog foods. They are also featured in the prestigious Whole Dog Journal. All Innova formulas are made at their own plant in Fremont, Nebraska, where they utilize an outstanding testing and quality control program. Their manufacturing certifications include: AIB Certification, APHIS Registration, ISO 9001:2001 Rating, and Organic Certification. To get a free can of Innova dog food, click here to "Like" Petsmart on facebook. Then click "Free Can of Innova Dog Food" and print your coupon. This offer is valid through 9/30.