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I normally buy dry dog food online and still do, only because the brands that I use are not available locally.
One thing against buying online is that on two occasions I have received bags with holes in them. Each time I sent them back to the supplier for a replacement. The first time was more difficult, as they offered me a discount (which I didn’t want), I had to press the issue to have the product replaced. Next time (different supplier) was much easier and more professional.
At least if you purchase in a shop, you can easily detect any holes by inspecting the bag first.

Buy dog food online and have it all conveniently delivered at your doorstep.

Another way to save money is to buy your food online. Very high quality specialty dog foods are not carried at most of the national chains. In many areas, you need to go to a boutique pet stores or your vet’s office to get your hands on some, and you will usually pay a premium. If you live in a more rural area, that may not even be an option.

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What other arguments would you make for or against buying dog food online? Tell us in the comments! Buying online is hands-down the best way to save on pet food. Online pet food retailers deal in bulk with brands and manufacturers which means that they buy big quantities. This also means they have the luxury of enjoying significant dealer discounts that they can pass off to their customers. Of course not all online dealers of dog food are so generous with their margin. You’ll need to pay attention to which stores have the lowest price.

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