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I have to laugh at why this was voted down? Its an observation. Anyway…..I found that the dogs will eat this from the fridge as a firmed up version rather than at room or warmed temp. So its not going to waste. It is a texture thing for these guys. I am sure others prefer pate style. Its a good food. Glad I bought it after all.

Purina Bella Pate Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2 stars.

Thank you, thank you, thank you; finally found another consumer with the same results as my little Pom, 5 & 1/2lbs., experienced. He vomited the 3rd. day of feeding Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate, and his urine was light green. I received notice of the recall from Chewy on the same day as my baby was sick. I took him straight to the vet. No bladder infection; blood work-up showed elevated ALT. $250. with follow up scheduled in 2 months, and vet recommended different dog food. I emailed Fromm. A lady called me several days later and basically informed me my dog’s problem was not related to the dog food, and they would not reimburse the vet bill .. did reimburse the case of dog food. Followed up 2 months later with the vet: Lab work-up results – liver enzymes had returned to within normal limits .. another $250. Urine returned to normal color approx. 10 days after feeding recommended dog food.

Fromm Dog Food - Gold Chicken Pate - 12.2oz 12/cs – Hollywood Feed

Three Fromm Gold Pate Dog Food recipes, all canned, are affected by the recall: Support your dog’s nutritional needs with the Fromm Gold Turkey Pate Canned Dog Food. Created to give dogs a gourmet dining experience with superior nutrition, this holistic recipe is made with finely minced turkey cooked in broth with barley, potatoes, and carrots. It provides complete and balanced nutrition to dogs of all ages, except for the growth of large dogs, and it can be alternated with other Fromm Four-Star recipes, offering a flavorful meal on its own or when mixed with dry food.

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The two pate style foods( the chicken/rice, and the lamb/rice) are the two ORIGINAL recipes produced under their label. The two other varieties(the “and veggies” ones are the two new ones) It would seem that the coloring was added to the “with veggie” stew varieties and not the pate style. I actually kept a label from the first can I bought(the day it was released in our area) so that I could track whether or not the food recipe changes, lol) All my dogs eat it with gusto, even the finicky eaters

Holistic Select Dog Food - Grain Free Chicken Pate – Hollywood Feed

The five samples came from a wide price range and were processed to have a similar consistency. The foods were duck liver mousse, pork liver pate, two imitation pates -- pureed liverwurst and Spam -- and Newman's Own dog food.These enterprising researchers separately put organic Canned Turkey & Chicken Formula for Puppies/Active Dogs, duck liver mousse, pork liver pâté, liverwurst, and spam in a food processor. The resulting confection was ladled into five different bowls and garnished with parsley.