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However, leaving paper sacks of food on the floor rather than in proper airtight storage canisters for dog food or at least in a sealed food bin is going to attract pests, we had trouble with ants in the summer and intended to deal with it then, but as ever, didn’t! Not to mention how many times someone tripped up every time they ventured in there, so finally getting organized in the dog food department has been quite a revelation in ease of movement.

Use an old popcorn tin from the thrift store, some spray paint and a vinyl decal to make a super cute DIY Dog Food Canister!

This first option, the , is meant to store dry foods in restaurants. Why not use something like this for your dog food? Another benefit to this container is that the container can help with portion control. The canister was designed so that one twist of the tap would releases one ounce of food. If your dog has special dietary concerns, you’d know you were feeding him the correct amount. If you don’t need a double canister, Zevro has several similar options: a solo canister, wall-mountable canisters, and various sizes to meet your home’s needs.

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Make your own customized DIY dog food tin storage canister for just a few dollars from an empty popcorn tin. Keeping dog food fresh and out-of-the-way is a challenge many dog owners face. Dog food containers are a great way to ensure that your pet is getting a fresh meal and that your home is remaining clean and pet-odor free! Dog food bins have become a staple for many pet owners, with some including fun prints and designs to compliment home décor. Petco offers a wide selection of dog food storage, from containers to canisters and everything in between. Find the food storage that’s best for your home and your pet.

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Harry Barker® Dog Food Storage Canisters look great in any setting. Provides a durable food-safe steel can covered with tin lid for convenient and stylish storage of dog food.

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DIY PET FOOD CANISTER :: Made from old popcorn the idea of putting a handle on top! This looks alot like those nice (but expensive) Harry Barker Dog & Cat Food Storage tins.A delightful step above traditional plastic dog food storage containers, our recycled steel dog food storage canisters are eye-catching and stylish. Featuring two sturdy handles, an airtight lid, and scoop, these canisters are the perfect complement to our dog treat tins and dog food and water bowls. Choose from looks inspired by French bistros, Sweetgrass or The Great Outdoors.