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We have been buying Pedigree Dog Food for a number of years. It has always been good for our dogs from puppy to Adult. But the last bag we bought our dogs will not eat it. We do not know why. But there seems to be a problem with it. Can anyone tell me why my dogs will not eat it. Has there been a recall on it. Dry dog food small bites.. Someone please let me know. Thank you . Concerned about my dogs. J Rockhold

Each review is offered in good faith and has been designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food.

i wasnt too sure what food i could buy that my dogs would love so much so my vet recommened i try freshpet dog food for my kiddos and i bought some and they simply loved it, they have been on it for 3 months now and their coats went from coarse to silky soft and they have so much energy now.. i was really concerned about them gaining weight but that has not happened, i feed them morning and night,i recommend freshpet to other moms of finicky eaters..i also tried freshpet cat food and my cats love it, oh and it smells really good and i know they are eating their veggies too

Nature's Variety Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Meal

Each review is offered in good faith and has been designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food. Know the source of all ingredients that are used to make any dog food you buy. Avoid brands that will not share this information with you.

Merrick Classic Beef, Barley and Carrot

Now, when it comes to convenience, nothing beats kibble. Plus if you’re on a budget (and who isn’t these days) a quality dry dog food is almost always a better buy.

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The good news is that commercial dog food is regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials () and the Food and Drug Administration (). That means that any food you buy for your dog is going to be safe. (AAFCO sets standards for the minimum and maximum nutritional profile of dog foods, while the FDA ensures the safety of the ingredients.) But, while all kibble is safe for your dog, not all kibble is equally wholesome.Darcy, I feed Darwins. It seems expensive but I am feeding three small dogs and it adds up to about $2.50 a day. If people gave one Starbucks it would cover the cost of really good food. Darwins, and the vets on “Dog Fooled” call it Prey Food. And if you have ever had a cat that’s what they prefer. Dogs are domesticated wolves. They eat prey. My dogs are SO HAPPY AND LOOK BETTER!. When I lived on the farm my dogs would drag home all kinds of dead critters and eat them. All this time that is what they wanted. You could go to the store and buy people meat, mix in some veggies and appropriate oils and make your own. I travel too much to do that myself.