Shake'ems Premium Dog Food Topping is perfect for your picky eater

My German Sheppard has always been a picky eater but I have found the older he gets, the more picky he becomes on things he is willing to eat to the point I have had to throw human food in with his dog food just to keep him from losing more weight. He is so picky he has gone days without eating because he didn't like the dog food plain. I tried changing dog food to the more expensive labels and that did not work either no matter what brand of food I chose. I was worried about him eating so much human food but at my wits end because it was the only way I could get him to eat dog food was to mix it with human food. My Veterinarian recommended HealthPro Nutrition VitaGravy Dog food topping so I gave it a try and now he eats all his dog food and I don't have to mix in human food to accomplish it! I have already noticed his coat looks shinier as well with the added nutrition this product saved my pet! I would recommend this for anyone who has a dog that is so picky in eating that they suffer for it by weight loss.

Quality of Ingredients
I love the fact it is nutritious and that he actually EATS his food now!

Side Effects
No side effects

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Find three or four foods your dog does well on, buy smallish bags and rotate between them. I would make sure they were all different proteins and even different brands as well. Add nice fresh toppers, like sardines or fresh cage free eggs, some fresh leans meats or cooked pureed veggies left over from your dinner. Or, you can try topping your kibble with canned foods. I’d also give him some pumpkin puree if he has some loose stools and to aid in the transition. You might also find that he’ll need some digestive enzymes and probiotics since his gut flora isn’t very prolific from eating the same food for a prolonged period of time.

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what kind of wellness food u feed to ur dogs, I like to try and along with primal FD food as supplement or topper thanks! I have been feeding my 2 dogs Castor & Pollux Organix canned dog food for a long time. All of a sudden my dogs refuse to eat the canned dog food. My senior dog ate a little bit of it and had stomach gurgling. The lady at Petsmart said we are not the only ones complaining that their dog has suddenly stopped eating Organix. The lady said so many people are returning the Organix canned dog food, and buying a different brand dog food.

I would like to know if Castor & Pollux changed the Organix canned dog food. Now I have to change the brand of my dogs food.


K9 Natural Lamb Green Tripe Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper, 2-oz bag ..

It’s nice to know it is okay that we don’t all cook for our dogs. Sometimes I feel guilty about it but like you, I am not a great cook. I also don’t have the time or don’t want to make the time. My two dogs have IBD and can only eat their specific food that they are used to. I wonder if I could add the vegetable topping. I will have to ask their specialist.

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