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Established nearly 40 years ago, Wysong's dry dog food line has been fed to tens of thousands of dogs through multiple generations with great benefits. These holistic canine diets, replete with proprietary Wysongserve as a healthy starting point for your dog's varied diet.

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At Hill's, our team of pet nutritionists uses natural ingredients to create dog food recipes with optimal levels of over 50 nutrients, providing the perfect balance of nutrition for your dog's health – nothing more, nothing less.

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Yes, all Bully Max™ and Gorilla Max™ brand supplements are suitable with Bully Max 30/20 dog food. Despite what you’ve heard from friends, vets and pet food manufacturers, wholesome ”people food” is good for dogs. People food is only bad for dog food makers.

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Only dog food manufacturers think this nonsense makes sense. Dogs and people share roughly 75% the same genetic makeup, and we have similar nutritional needs. What we’re doing to our own health with processed foods, we’re also doing to our dogs. And it’s happening faster.

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Wysong dry dog foods are designed to mimic the archetypal carnivorous diet. Each of our dry dog food diets is equally suitable for dogs of all life stages andand are designed to beand supplemented with Wysong diets, , and .Every Nutrena pet food is formulated to consistently deliver the right balance of nutrition your pets need, whether they are barn cats, house dogs, cattle dogs, or hunting dogs.Wysong dry dog foods are broken down into three general categories – "Original," "Optimal," and "Epigen." Diets in each category offer health-giving properties and unique nutritional characteristics. Please explore and as always, if you need any help or guidance!In an effort to stay fair (and prevent heart attacks), we tried to find a variety of foods at different price points. But as you likely already know, any super affordable dog food brand (you know the ones) are not always great health-wise for your pup.
But, an easy way to check out the 411 on whatever dog food you’ve been using is to search for it on . The insanely awesome site has cataloged and reviewed over 3,000 pet food products, including both wet and dry dog food options. They break down each food with a star rating and go into great detail to explain their rating, including picking apart ingredients and how the food is made. To ensure we were picking right by you and your pup, we confirmed that all of our choices meet the five star approval rating on the site.