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Sad, but true, many puppies and dogs given as gifts end up in shelters. This is even more true of dogs and puppies given as gifts during the holidays. It’s a well-known fact that these awesome creatures end up in shelters the following spring when the animal fails to meet the unrealistic expectations of the family. New dogs in the home take lots of time, lots of attention and need lots of guidance. Even more so for puppies!

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Not all gift ideas for dog lovers are just for entertainment, as you’ll find signs and decals that can serve a more practical purpose and even help save your pet in an emergency. A pet inside sticker pack can inform emergency responders that there are furry family members who may need rescuing. This can be a great gift to show the dog lover you know that you care for their pet as much as they do. You’ll also find beware of dog signs and stickers which can make great gifts adding a sense of security for both pet and pet parent.

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Window Seat - Dog Beds, Dog Harnesses and Collars, Dog Clothes and Gifts for Dog Lovers | In The Company Of Dogs Man’s best friends deserve gifts, too! Do you know someone who loves his dog a much as some people love their children? Are you a dog lover and unable to get enough to the loyal, furry pals? These gifts are sure to delight you and your dog-loving friends, not to mention bring a little joy into the lives of your favorite pet.

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There's no doubt that the market for pawsome dog presents has an overwhelming number of options for the holiday season. So to make this easy, we scouted out the best gifts that all dogs will love. Happy Pawlidays!

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Travelers who own dogs have their own specific types of travel problems that are hard to understand unless you've got a pet of your own. Here are a few ideas for gifts that will make their lives a little easier. | Gifts For Dog Owners | Traveling With DogGet all of your dog's gifts in one thoughtful package, filled with holiday-themed toys and treats, a scarf, custom photo ornament and a personalized stocking.