I made this to trim my long-haired dog and save tons of money.

I see the clipper vacuums are extremely pricey. I understand that if I were a full time groomer doing several dogs a day, it would be wise to have a commercial strength vacuum with a large container. The more I look at it, I can't help but wonder, why not use a regular tank vacuum and attach it to the clippers?

Items 1 - 50 of 434 - Wahl Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Clipper Kit, With Superior Fur Feeding Blades, Professional Type Grooming At Home #9281-210. $19.55$17.77. MD TopVac Petite Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner Attachments, Includes Pin Comb and Bristle Brush Heads and Bonus Adaptor. $15.70$14.27. $13.99.

If you are a professional and running a business or a pet owner who is professional enough to do your pet’s grooming and you have multiple pets, you can go for Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed clippers. You need to think about other hair clippers for dogs if you have a smaller dog with a thin coat. If the blade gets too hot, you can vacuum it to get excess heat and hair out.

Jun 24, 2014 - Pomeranian Clipper Vacuum Trim

I use a vacuum and trimmer combination to trim a long hair dog to a nice length Dog Haven Grooming Salon is proud to be the 1st grooming salon in Singapore to bring in the ClipperVac® and share the good benefits with her furry clients. ClipperVac® is a revolutionary high-tech grooming equipment that was developed and patented in USA, 1985.

Bread & Butter Grooming Fast & Easy Pet Trims for the Salon

So, as you can see there is a lot of versatility that this clipper offers with the vaccum attachment. It will save you time. More time saved is more dogs groomed. More dogs groomed is more money in your pocket. OR the same number of dogs groomed faster means more time to play (or write blogs!).

Clipper Vac - Mobile Groomers, Veterinaries, Pet Salons

your pooch to a makeover with the GroomPal Mess-Free Dog Grooming Device. Offering a gentle approach to fur management, this tool collects the excess material for you. Using air-touch technology, the vacuum can effectively collect over 98% of all hair and fur. This means you get a clean pup and clean floors with no hassle. In addition to offering virtually no mess, the GroomPal uses quality materials. The high-quality professional clipper features a steel blade. The device also has a hair-straightening module with no-pull suction. The GroomPal includes with a handy brush attachment. This tool helps grab extra bits of fur that would normally be shed. The brush can also brush out knots while removing dust and debris. Finally, the crevice tool is able to access all the areas in your home that dog fur likes to hide. It’s the perfect size for behind crates and under furniture.