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Thank you for speaking truths out about our field of work as professional groomers! As a retired groomer only retired because after 33 years in the dog and cat grooming business I was diagnosed with 3rd stage lung disease meaning I only have a thirty percent lung capacity. So at 52 years old I have severe lung damage and my doctor said no more grooming! Two things I would like to offer to you are ; one my doctor told me the type of lung disease I have is similar to Byssinosis or “Brown Lung” which was first discovered and diagnosed in textile mills. The other important fact is; a lot of the flea and tic dips we’ve used are now showing to cause respiratory failure in those of us groomers who never used gloves! Take it from my direct experience, Suffocating my way to a slow death sucks! So stay healthy out there in the wonderful world of pets and their groomers and make good use of masks and gloves and avoid an untimely death from “groomers lung!”

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This is one danger that most people do not consider when they think about . When you are working with many dogs a day, you are inhaling all of their pet dander. Especially noticeable during hydraulic drying, pet dander can be a major health risk to dog groomers. Also, when you are cutting the hair, you are inhaling tiny, sharp pieces into your lungs. All of this can add up to major respiratory damage for those who have been grooming dogs for many years. Many establishments are now requiring that their groomers where protective masks that prevent the dander and hair from being inhaled. (I am going to be honest, I never wore masks, but now years later, I wish that I had)

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