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Groomers must be trained in the art of coat stripping to perform this type of service correctly, and not every groomer offers coat stripping on their menu of services. If you are interested in having your dog’s coat stripped, contact potential groomers in your area first to make sure they offer this service.

Hair stripping will be completed in multiple sessions for the comfort of our groomer and your dog.

Welcome to our new and improved website. I would like to thank Rebecca Estrella of and I have provided their name and contact in case you would love to have an awesome website like mine.Please continue to look around and get familiar with our salon and our faces because we will spend many years knowing each other when you come to our awesome salon!Being an entrepreneur, I have been blessed to have built and taught at a personal growth workshop in the SW Florida area for years. Produced many Advanced Living Seminars as well as taught Leadership programs. I believe this experience has given me an opportunity to use my skills with you, your pet, our groomers, and bathers, and on myself. My intention will always be that everybody WINS.I have owned other salons like Poodles N More by Margie, located in Fort Myers, FL, and also for a short term owned and operated The Canine Castle in Maple Heights, Ohio. I am a Florida girl though. Had to come back.A Touch of Class Pet Grooming has been owned and operated by myself and my three amazing daughters, Brandy, Diana, and Brianna. In that order, they came, they complained-Ha Ha, and eventually realized their talents and they make up the majority of our staff, full and part time and my granddaughter Whitney, an expert bather and brusher who trains are incoming staff. I cannot forget the awesome and amazing, Adrian. She is like a daughter and is one of the best groomers all of Southwest Florida and perhaps the state and country. I am not kidding just come see our salon and the work this team has been delivering consistently since 1989, starting with me. I have also trained many of your local groomers and grooming shop owners as well I sat on the board of directors of the Lee County Humane Society and left as Secretary of the Executive Committee.We are active members in the one and only “”. I am Alumni of the 2014 Karats Most Amazing Leadership Class Cape Coral has ever seen, and am currently enrolled and am attending Keiser University with the Chamber of Commerce Advanced Leadership program. I have also included a link for your convenience.We make our attempts at working on the website as often as possible and are hoping to have someone make it friendlier for your visits.Our staff of groomers and bathers are highly trained and top professionals in their field. From pet grooming, to show grooming, hand stripping, full hand scissors (no clippers used), certified in creative color and design, bathing and brushing certification, Skin and Coat certification, nutritionist for skin and coat, they do from puppies and kittens, to senior dogs and aging cats. Speak with one of them today about your pet and any challenges you may have dealing with skin and coat. You will be glad you did!

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We take only a small number of appointments each day so that we can concentrate and do a proper job for each dog. We groom one dog at a time, your dog will be entitled to the whole grooming room without distractions from other dogs or humans. Every dog that comes in will be stripped properly from the head to toe to ensure a proper coat growth.

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We have a special treat for you with this lesson. Michell Evens specialty is hand-stripping. In this video lesson, she takes you through the step she is taking RIGHT NOW to get this dog ready for the next World Team Grooming Championships in Barcelona Spain. As Michell says, keeping a dog in a rolled coat is easy -- once it's established. It's the 'getting it established' that is the tough part -- and that's where she is right now.

To see a harsh coated terrier done correctly, to breed profile, is simply breathtaking. This is where grooming is elevated to a form of art. Michell is a skilled sculpture. Instead of clay, wood or stone, her medium is fur. And her tools are her hands, along with stripping knives and stones.

Join Michell as she shares her well-earned knowledge on this subject. She is a fabulous teacher and communicator. Even if you are new to grooming or the art of hand-stripping, Michell's easy going nature and clear teaching style makes this lesson super easy to understand. She makes it look easy.

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