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While not as commonplace as dog grooming, cat grooming is a growing industry. Especially for long-haired cats, a good cat groomer can help keep feline fur looking sleek and free of knots. However, many cats are less likely to sit still and, thus, more difficult to groom than dogs. Professional cat groomers can groom cats better than most pet owners. In addition, they can spot potential health problems and offer suggestions for improving a cat’s overall health. Most cat groomers provide a range of services with different prices. Some cat groomers work out of their own facility, while others will come to the cat’s home. Some, such as of Pittsburgh, even have mobile cat grooming vehicles.

*These are the lowest base prices for the smallest, shortest haired dogs.

Regular grooming for your dog either professionally or at home, is essential for health and well-being. If your pet is one that requires professional grooming, he/she likely requires regular grooming at home, including brushing and combing. We can make your pet BEAUTIFUL with a little help from you. If your dog requires care between haircuts that you are unable to provide, we offer bath, brush, and nail trim services to keep your pet looking and feeling good. If your pet’s hair becomes tangled or matted, we may have to shave the mats off. Please don’t get angry with us! Though we want them to look as nice as possible, their comfort and safety is our primary concern.

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Prices - My Dog's Hair Salon We will trim your dog’s nails, trim the hair around the foot pads, check the anal glands and attempt to express them if appropriate and remove large matted areas.

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DogDayz offers competitive pricing on haircuts for dogs, a service that’s typically combined with brushing, bathing and drying. Prices vary, depending on a dog’s size, coat type, and the type of haircut requested.

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This is our general maintenance for many dogs. It includes a full bath, nail trimming, cleaning of anal glands and ears. It also includes a trimming of the privates and the face for dogs with longer hair. The starting price is $60 for small breeds and $75 for medium and larger breeds.We are a for dogs, an all inclusive service, which included in the price are: nails, pads/paw treatment, ears, de-shedding treatment for dogs that shed, the haircut of your liking (AKC, puppy, Lamb cut, shave down….). We do not charge extra to dremel nails, clean ears, condition the coat or express anal glands.The full haircut includes everything that a bath / clean up does, plus the entire body trimming. The trim is completely designed towards how the client would like it to look. Our haircuts have a starting price of $80 for the small breeds and $100 for the mediums and larger breeds. The amount of labor determines the final cost not the breed of the dog. Nails are trimmed and hand buffed and can be requested as a la carte service for $30.Correction Cuts: If you are not satisfied with your dog’s haircut, you have 5-7 days to come in for a correction free of charge. Any appointments booked after this time will be charged full price.