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Dog hammocks for cars don’t usually come with safety restraints for your pet. However, some models have slits that let you pull your car’s seat belts through them and secure your dog.

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Emily Winters at DIY Network recounted her experience creating a durable, but comfortable, backseat dog bed. While you'll need some sewing experience to replicate her process, the only materials required are a few yards of heavy outdoor fabric, old bath towels, four parachute buckles, and some webbing. You'll be able to hang the finished hammock from the car's headrests, and it will go a long way towards keeping your pet safe and content in the backseat.

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Pony Dance Rear Dog Car Seat Covernon-slip backing with HammockWaterproofFit for SUVsCarsTrucks & Vehicles. Convenient for pet owners and comfortable for their dogs, the Back Seat Pet Hammock by installs easily to the back seat of most cars. Its 600-denier nylon construction provides a soft place for pets to ride in, while effectively keeping dirt and hair off of car seats and floor. As sturdy as it is comfortable, the nylon stretches sturdily across the back seat and protects dogs from falling to the floor. The hammock is also effective in keeping dogs in the backseat, where they are less likely to distract the driver. If desired, however, the driver can choose to attach the hammock to only one-half of the backseat, thus allowing a passenger to ride in the back and play with the dog.

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I was pretty excited, then, when I found out about car hammocks. They’re pretty much over-sized backseat covers that extend from the top of the backseat to the top of the front seat, making a big hammock in-between. Not only does this protect your car interior from hair, mud and upchucks, it limits your dog to a safe space that includes a sort of “safety net” over that dangerous between-the-seats zone. It’s great for older dogs, who may get easily stressed during long travel, or active dogs who refuse to stay in their seats (talking about you, Snickerdoodle!) or for any dog who suffers from carsickness.

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How to make a DIY pet hammock for safety and comfort in the car. Going to do a more "waterproof" version that will help make possible carsick doggy cleanup issues a bit easier, for dad for Father's Day.Three main types of dog seat covers are available, including fitted, hammock style, and cargo mats. Fitted covers are available in universal and custom styles. They come in standard sizes designed to fit a variety of vehicles, and they can be custom-tailored to fit a truck's rear bench seat or a car's front . Both bench-style and custom-fitted seat covers offer full back seat protection for the dog. Bench-style covers are usually spread over a vehicle's entire back seat and can even accommodate human passengers when equipped with special openings for fastening seat belts. Many bench seat covers can also double as cargo bed liners for hauling heavy items in the rear of large pickup trucks.