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Acclimate your dog to the harness. Like conditioning a pet to a carrier or crate, getting a dog used to wearing a harness in the car takes some practice -- for the dog and pet owner. Don’t just slide the harness on and secure the dog to the seat. Allow Fido to become used to it first. A few pets and a doggy chew or treat may help speed this process.

The four dog car harnesses that proved to be top performers throughout testing:

"We purchased a Large size for our 4 year old female Doberman. It takes a few adjustments to obtain the perfect fit, especially for a deep chested dog. It is well worth the effort because once it's fitting perfectly on your mature dog, it should not need further adjustments. We have never seen a stronger car harness for a dog!!! It only has to work well once - your dog is worth this harness."

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My dog Kayla asked for a dog seatbelt for the car, for her birthday. Okay, I lied. She asked for steak- but I'm getting her the harness. An effective dog seat belt works much like the belt you buckle up yourself: it should maintain your dog’s stability in the car, and restrain her movement under duress. Unfortunately, there are not yet standard regulations and requirements for dog seat belts the way there are for human restraints. As a result, consumer reports and product tests are your best resources to select the right dog restraint for your ride. The provides results from a 2013 test of dog seatbelts and harnesses, and they recommend the for its overall function and safety features.

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Check safety ratings. While all the major dog car harness manufacturers claim their products have been crash tested, the fact is that no current performance standards and test protocols exist. As reported in , the Center for Pet Safety, which recently released findings of the first ratings of pet harnesses, said it expects to publish industry-wide standards by year’s end.

The Impact Dog Car Harness is crash-tested for dogs up to 75 pounds

Coastal Pet Products 6005 is the Easy Rider Sport Adjustable Car Harness for large dogs. The model uses patented crash tested technology to keep dogs safe and secure, while still allowing ample range of motion. The vest portion of the is washable and breathable, and offers protection and reduces the risk of injury if the vehicle suddenly stops or receives an impact. This particular model is suitable for dogs that have a girth of 36 inches, measured around the body behind the front legs. The Easy Rider Sport Adjustable Harness from Coastal Pet Products also doubles up as a walking harness and is easily adjustable for use in sporting endeavors.Coastal Pet Products 6000 is the Easy Rider Adjustable Car Harness. This harness is available in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large, so consumers can purchase a harness to suit any dog breed. Shoppers can choose from a pink or black padded mesh harness. It is very easy to fit and provides safe, comfortable, restricted motion while in a vehicle.