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Hi, Jim wow that is unfortunate to hear about your dog, but we are glad to hear that he was taken care of. Most insurance plans tend to offer 90% to unlimited coverage. By your tone it seems as if you have a great working understand of health insurance and that’s always a benefit to you. Glad everything worked out again fro you and your pet.

Pet insurance for dogs and cats works vastly different than human healthcare plans

[Editor’s Note: Pet Health Network’s parent company is , which offers a preventive care solution. However, the author of this article is not recommending any specific brand of preventive care plan, nor is this article intended as an endorsement for any IDEXX offerings.]

Preventive care plans are a great way to provide care, and to keep your dog healthy. One of the greatest concerns among and dog guardians alike is how best to maintain your dog in as healthy a condition as possible for his entire life—from puppyhood to the senior years.

Recent surveys, conducted by veterinary professionals, have recognized that many dog guardians would rather pay for veterinary care in monthly installments than in one lump sum1. Personal experience tells me that dog guardians would appreciate some help with a better understanding of what is entailed in good . Many could also use help with planning and budgeting. Fortunately, preventative care plans can help with all of that.

Preventive care plans can be purchased from your veterinarian with monthly or quarterly payments. They may have an initial cost and include services like , , , blood work and potentially much more, depending on the plan you use.

and the have jointly developed . These guidelines are an excellent resource for keeping your dog healthy and following them will require a real commitment on your part, and that significant thought be given to the costs. This is where preventive care plans come in.

Keep in mind that preventive care could include:

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We have 4 different Preventive Health Care Plans for Dogs: Puppies, Basic Adult, Adult with Dental Prophylaxis, and Senior/Special Needs Dogs Preventive care plans vary in their provisions, so be sure you are clear about what is covered in terms of early diagnostics and prevention. These programs are not plans, but together with insurance programs your dog can be covered for both anticipated and unexpected costs. () This allows you to more easily provide the sort of care your dog needs, and you want to provide.

No one wants to have to make medical decisions for their dog based on financial concerns. Ask your veterinarian if he offers a preventive care plan.

Regardless of what you choose, it is important to keep your dog and your family healthy. Rely on your veterinarian to provide the best of care.


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