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A Dog's House begins quite seriously with Michael's (Sibley) revelation to his girlfriend Eden (Woods) that their Rottweiler Jock has just fatally mauled their neighbor's toy poodle Phoenix. Arguing on whether to, or how to, inform their neighbors of their dog's demise, Phoenix' owner Nicole (Lowes) comes knocking on their door. In a very comic scene, especially considering the previous occurrence, Nicole asks the couple to help post flyers on her missing Phoenix. Lowes handles the cheerful/crying, "I'm fine"/breaking down Jekyll and Hyde mood changes very effectively.

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47 reviews of Alo's Doghouse You can let your imagination go wild here as long as the size is good enough for the pet to walk through. If you have more than one dog, the entryway should accommodate the largest pet. Dog houses doors must have a wind break in order to keep the drafts from blowing at the pooch when it’s in the house. Look for houses with doors that close behind the pet after it walks in or out in order to prevent the cold from getting inside and heat from going out.

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As I’m sure you have seen by now, there are lots of different models on the market today. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow down which one will be the best fit for your pups. There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a new dog housing: type, size, materials used, washability, insulation, durability, and the temperament of your dog. For the purposes of this review, I am going to assume that most of you will be using the dog house mostly outdoors, as well as indoors on occasion.

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Your yard (or wherever you may have the dog house located) may all become one big mess of water, but you can be sure that none of it will make its way inside this dog house.Vince (Stephen Graham) is going through the final stages of his divorceand to help him through this period his friends Mikey (Noel Clarke) andNeil (Danny Dyer) decide to take him and a few of the other boys to aremote village outside the humdrum of their London lives to get, inDyer's own words; 's**tfaced'. However, when they turn up to theincredibly eerie village of Moodley to find flesh-eating, man-hating,cannibalistic women who want to do nothing more than rip out theirinternal organs and eat them for breakfast, the boys realise they havebitten more than they can chew and must fight their way through abarrage of blood-thirsty women in the most misogynistic way imaginable.

The premise of the film completely reflects the manner in which JakeWest approaches this project, with a gleeful nod towards plenty ofharmless sexist humour and cheap gory death sequences that are allnice, light-hearted and fun. Neil, Vince and Mikey are all your typicalworking-class likely lads out to simply flirt with the opposite sex anddrink as much as their body-weight, with Danny Dyer in particularneeding to place little effort in recreating his Cockney 'laddish'persona (yet again) on the big-screen. While Dave Schaffer's scriptcontains many easy-going humorous gags to keep your attention tickingover while the next axe, gnome or sword heads to try and end the boy'smisogynistic ways and eliminate the male chromosome all in one.

'Doghouse' is nowhere near the heights of Pegg/Frost'srom-zom-com-supremo 'Shaun of the Dead', but it isn't the worst filmyou will see this year. At a short running time of 85 minutes, you'llbe cheaply entertained with boys being boys and women being...err,evil, vicious, un-relentless and, well women (just kidding!). This afilm you'd probably enjoy seeing more after you've been kicked out thelocal Pub at closing time and are heading home with your ChickenJalfrezi in one hand and the DVD in the other.