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The subject of dogs getting into heaven became personal for me the past few days. Yesterday, my beloved black lab Bernie died. Last week his back was giving him trouble, we went to the vet and put him on pain meds and anti-inflammatories. He was better over the weekend and on Sunday evening had a nice walk, tail wagging, lots of sniffing. An hour later, he could barely stand. We brought him to the animal hospital and it turned out a tumor in his abdomen had burst. The prognosis was not good as it appeared the cancer had spread to his lungs. This morning, he was put to sleep by the doctor. It was dreadfully humane and I managed to hold off on the tears and be cheerful until it was finished. His last moments on this earth were spent with his daddy rubbing his belly and his back and giving him kisses.

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We're so sorry to hear that your dog died. It sounds like he was an important part of your family for a very long time, and we understand how hard it is to think about life going on without him. It hurts a lot; and yet the hurting isn't all bad, because it shows that you have a lot of love and compassion in your heart.

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dogs in heaven poem | This one is for all the dog lovers, Lewis Goldie, et al. I fill up ... But something else I especially appreciated about the book was that Rylant wrote, "The dogs in Dog Heaven who have no real homes on Earth are given one in Heaven." This reminds me of all the dogs who do not make it out of animal control and/or live as strays or in abusive situations. I thought of Pam, a gentle black lab mix, who deserved so much better in her time here, than to leave the world at the age of two, given such little chance for someone to claim her. I hope she has found love and caring, that God calls her His own. I would like to hold her close some day.

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Enjoyed this hub. Since I've lost many of my dogs throughout my life, I'd like to think that they go to heaven. :) I'd love to see them again one day! Thanks for writing this. Definitely makes one think about the topic!

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The gatekeeper stopped him. "Sorry, you can come in butyour dog can't come with you. "You see, this is Heaven, and dogs aren'tallowed here. He has to stay out here on the road." "What kind ofHeaven won't allow dogs?" said the old man. "Well, if he can't comein, then I'll stay out here on the road with him. He's been my faithfulcompanion all his life and I won't desert him now."The man smiled and said, "Welcome to Heaven, and bringyour dog!" The old man exclaimed, "You mean this is Heaven? And mydog can come with me? Then why did that fellow down the road say they weren'tallowed in Heaven?" The man replied, "That was the Devil and he getsall the souls who are willing to give up a life-long companion for smallcomfort because they think it will make their lives a little easier.""No sir!" the old man replied, "A glass of coldwater and some shade would be mighty fine right about now but I won't come inif my buddy here can't come too. I didn't go to Heaven because my dog couldn'tcome with me, so I sure as how ain't about to go to Hell without him neither.""What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If he can't come in, then Iwill stay out with him. He's been my faithful companion all his life, Ican't desert him now."