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Incontinence can be tricky and is obviously uncontrollable for the dog. Some dribble while they walk, sleep, get up, etc. Basically at any moment without much warning. You may not be able to stop it completely (that would be a question for the vet) but keeping him better restricted in the house would at least limit the accidents to less aggravating areas then your bed at night. My parent's say money is tight, so extra med's and maybe even just a vet visit might be hard right now (especially with christmas just passing) but ill ask them about it.

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Keeping your dog comfortable, clean and dry is a priority when she suffers from sleep incontinence. Take your dog for a walk last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and whenever she wakes from a nap or more often during the day. Sleeping in a wet patch is uncomfortable and upsetting. Use dog diapers or prepare a clean, dry bed every night. Put a waterproof sheet or puppy training pad in your dog's sleeping spot and spread clean blankets or towels on top. Don't give your dog less water because this could harm her health -- talk to your vet first.

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« Incontinence » Bean Bag Dog Bed Pillow | Woff Woff :: Best Orthopedic Dog Beds I know what you are thinking. Your dog is just going to ruin her new bed. Buying an incontinent dog a dog bed is a waste of time. You have already thrown out several dog beds because they smell, and dog beds with urine in them certainly smell. However, think about if you could control where your dog had her accidents. If you could contain them to a certain area, like where she slept, the impact of her incontinence would be reduced. No more cleaning carpets or pillows, or the couch, or heaven forbid, your bed, because your dog had an accident. Buying a dog bed that your dog actually wants to sleep in can help you reduce the number of places she has her accident. Yes, she will be having her accidents in her bed, but there are beds made to handle accidents.

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As much as you love your dog, we know you don't love to smell your dog's bed. Here's a solution: our inner liner made of ripstop nylon resists doggie odors from permeating the filling of our dog beds. Does your dog have an itty-bitty incontinence issue? The ripstop liner fabric is water resistant, too.

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Find a large selection of incontinence dog beds and pet beds for your pet. These Incontinence Dog Beds are available in many sizes (small, medium, large) and are available in unique designs and colors.If you thought children were the only ones who would engage in bed wetting, think again; a dog wetting the bed while sleeping is not an uncommon problem. Many dog owners assume that a dog who is urinating while sleeping is a dog who hasn’t been completely housebroken, but in reality, a dog with sleep incontinence is more likely to have a medical disorder rather than displaying a potty training problem. So if your dog is showing signs of sleep incontinence, skip the dog trainer and go straight to your vet so your dog can be checked out for possible underlying medical problems.