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Keep your furry friend warm and happy with a Lectro Kennel Heated Pad & Cover from K&H. This heated kennel pad is perfect for adding some pet-friendly comfort to a chilly doghouse, garage or basement. A heated dog pad can be great for providing therapeutic warmth to older or convalescing pets as well as newborn puppies. Heaters designed for humans can be too hot to safely warm your dog or newborn puppies. The Lectro Kennel Heated Pad & Cover provides safe, radiant heat that matches your pet's own body temperature range. This heated dog pad is recommended by veterinarians to help reduce pain and swelling in older or convalescing dogs by providing regulated heat levels appropriate for recovering pets. When monitored and used properly, a heated kennel pad can be the ideal tool for keeping newborn puppies warm and safe until their mother can tend to them. The UL-recognized components of the Lectro Kennel Heated Pad & Cover are combined with a built-in thermostat, a tough exterior, and a unique airspace design to make a great heating pad for your dog. The tough exterior is made with high-impact ABS plastic to discourage pets from turning this comfortable accessory into a chew toy. You can even drill holes through the pad's outer lip to screw it securely into the floor of your dog house or attach it to the wall (drilling hardware not included). The safe design and quality construction make the Lectro heated dog pad a great addition to your pet's kennel, crate or dog house. Or add one to your basement or garage to create a warm and comfortable space for your furry friend! Choose the heated pad that is right for your pet from the variety of sizes available. Enjoy the faux fleece cover or accessorize with the Deluxe Lectro Cover (sold separately). Wattages:

Dog kennel Heater. Exclusive to Diamond Edge. Dull emitter elements 80 watts to 400 watts.

Lab Dog Perfect Kennel Heaters are ideal for a sportsman, breeder, commercial ... Commercial kennels with indoor heating systems will enjoy improved energy ...

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Power is run to the rear of the kennels for the dog house heater and bucket heater. Another vote for no heat. My golden sleep indoors, but stays outside in a kennel during the day. He has a dog bed inside a small, uninsulated dog house, and he curls right up in there. If it’s 30 below I’ll keep him inside, but I have no concerns about leaving him out with temps near 0.

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The dogs nearly froze to death, Even with the heater on and a heat lamp in each dog box the ice buckets would still freeze solid on the real cold nights and when the wind blew the kennels on that side were the worst,with 8 dog doors on that size building the heat loss was terrible. Had 4 inches of snow one night with a 40 MPH wind from the north, the next morning the dog boxes were packed with snow.

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You owe it to your dogs to get them through the cold weather season safely and comfortably and Lion Country Supply has the kennel heating supplies youll need. We have water bucket heaters, heated water bowls, dog kennel heaters, heated kennel mats, kennel covers, and red cedar bedding and other items available for heating your kennel this winter.The last time my lovely wife put me in the dog house, I thought it would be OK to check-in to one of the nice ones I made for my dogs. After all, they were retrofitted with underfloor radiant heating. To my surprise, I snuck into the dog kennel and was taken aback by the new signs outside each of the houses. They read, NO VACANCY!