e Side Tarp Winter Bundle Special For 10x10 KENNEL.

Quite the opposite, kennels with wire sides and tops are very open and can create a lot of stress and anxiety for your pet, especially while traveling or when in a new place. A cover for these types of dog crates will help your dog feel more comfortable and ultimately lead to a happier life of a pet.

Failure to anchor your dog kennel, especially if you have installed a roof system and/or side covers,

Features on the Dixie Dog Crate Cover include MicroLite3insulation, a 2-ply infused 1200D Poly industrial grade bottom that is built to withstand years of abrasion, water resistant coating for protection in foul and unpredictable weather, rubber handles on the top making it easy to move and carry, and 4 side D-Rings for securing the kennel in the back of your truck.

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Products 1 - 13 of 13 - Looking for dog kennel covers for winter protection, our winter bundles for dog kennel sides may be the solution Most fabric kennel covers can be washed and dried and are available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns. You can find fabric kennel covers to match almost any décor. And don’t forget the padding for the inside of the kennel. is available with most covers and not only will it give your dog crate a more polished look, but it will keep your pooch comfortable and happy.

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If your dog kennel is in a more formal room, consider a cover made of linen or the like in a subtle color that coordinates with your furnishings. The kennel cover could be made from a sturdier fabric with a color and pattern designed to complement the rest of the room. Most dog owners will want the kennel cover to blend in with its surroundings, not stand out because it doesn’t fit in with the room’s color and decor.

A bit disappointed it doesn't cover 3 sides completely.

You can buy carefully designed fitted dog kennel covers for your dog kennel. The have a peaked roof so the rain will just run off. Some also have extra flaps on the side that can be adjusted to give more shade to your dog. The problem is that these dog kennel covers are relatively expensive, and not available for all makes and sizes of dog kennel. Expect to pay about $100 for good dog kennel covers. The fitted covers are designed to last for several years. With good care they can last as long as the kennel itself.Shade n' Things offers a durable and simple solution for better protection and shading for your dogs while they're outside. Some of the main benefits of choosing our modular dog kennel cover include:•Shade n’ Things covers for kennels are flexible. They're designed to to fit most kennels to provide your dogs with adequate sun shade protection.The kennel cover/kennel shade also features a unique “ravel-free” lock-stitch construction and light weight construction which makes it a perfect choice for both the top and sides of any dog kennel.
You can also use shade covers / sun block tops for sidewalls. This will help protect your pet from harsh winds, snow or sun.

If your dog kennel is a 10' x 10' x 6' high, you can order a 6' x 15' to partially cover the sides or you can order two for more coverage.