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, the owner, designer and developer of Mes Amis handcrafted dog collars and leads, is thrilled to expand the availablity of the Mes Amis products to the web and extends her heartfelt thanks to her family, friends, distributors and customers for 12 years of unconditional support!

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We start with great designs and mix with quality materials to produce dog gear that is creative, functional and long lasting. From our silky Soft Webtm Collars (Soft Sliptm or Soft Snaptm) and Soft Webtm Leads; Soft Webtm Long Lines; to our High Sierra Walk-A-Belt - we have dog supplies for everyday use, training, and competitive canine events, including Herding, Agility and Flyball.


Dog Collars & Leads | Hartman & Rose Two layers of durable high-quality nylon web make this one of the strongest leads we offer. Always a perfect fit, our adjustable personalized dog collar snaps on and off with ease; there's never a loose collar end, no matter the adjusted size. Both feature sonic-welded seams, which are 80% stronger than stitched seams, and smooth, tapered edges. Heavy-duty hardware increases security. Ideal for growing puppies. Made in USA.

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Mes Amis handcrafted dog collars and leads provide the security you need, the fashionable look you love, and will not cut or mark your dog’s coat.

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These leads can be helpful when you don't have another leash available, but shouldn't be used on a day-to-day basis. A slip lead looks like a regular flat leash, except it has a metal ring on one end instead of a clip. You pass the handle end of the leash through the metal ring to form a loop. Then you put the loop over your dog's head. Pulling on the handle tightens the loop around your dog's neck. A slip lead allows you to walk your dog on leash when he's not wearing his collar.I personally have tried many different leashes and leads. I have also used a choke collars to train my german Shepherds in the past. This leash is by far the best one that I have come across. The leash has an excellent grip, which gives the handler full control, and has the cushion that you place around your dogs neck that will not allow the leash to rub against its trachea which can be damaging to your dog. I highly recommend this product.Did you know that Cherrybrook had humble beginings nearly 50 years ago selling show dog supplies off of a card table set up at North East area dog shows? Over the years our business has grown substantialy and so has our collection of "Show Leads and Collars". Trusted by exhibitors and handlers for years, it will be hard to find a better selection show equipment. We have an extensive collection of chain, nylon, and leather. Available options include loop leads, martingales, snap leads, snake chains, slide leads and much more.