This is a lot of 5 snap hooks for dog leashes

Whether your next project requires metal snap hooks or swivel snap hooks, we can accommodate you. We have snap hooks in many sizes and quantities available in bulk, too. Snap hooks are great for dog leashes, flags, bags, and more. Stainless steel snap swivel hooks work well with strong nylon webbing for quick release.

Also known as "dog leash snap hooks", slide bolt snap hooks are generally more economical than the.

The Kimjee174; supplies swivel hooks for dog leashes, this swivel carabiner Gold tone aluminum swivel carabiner for dog Metal brass swivel trigger snap hook;

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Spring Hooks, Swivel Hooks, Bolt Snaps, Dog Leash Snap Hooks Hardware Fasteners… Also known as "swivel eye snap hooks" and "swivel clips", swivel snap hooks are appropriate for dog leashes, key chains, flag lanyards, and other applications where independent rotation is important.

3/4" Dog Leash Push Gate Snap Hooks For Flat Straps - - USA Lanyards

Made of iron, very solid and long-lasting, nickel-plated, rectangular loop. It can be used with ropes, chains and webbings for production of dog leashes. These snap hooks are for their high quality and resistance to frost often used in mushing.

These snap hooks can be used for dog leashes, bag straps, camera.

Small carabiner spring snap hooks for dog leashes are made of 7075 aviation Available in single colors; Gold swivel lobster clasp hook for purses wholesale;Hook,Snap Hook from Shenzhen Rose gold swivel dog leash hook, handbag snap hook in 500 Pieces Nickel triangle hook pieces for frame with single Make Your Own Dog Leash ~ Swivel Bolt Snap ~ Flat Square Wide Push Latch Bolt swivel Snap Hooks Nickel Light gold 10 Swivel Snap Trigger Hook Clips Most dog leashes use inexpensive nickle or chrome plated snap hooks, also known as a snap clip or clip. Rarely will you find these made of stainless steel.Auto lock dog leash snap hooks have superior corrosion resistance and greater strength. Push gate in to open, auto close gate. Our carabiners are strong enough to fit your pet leashes. First, super strong bearing force of 400 kg ( 4 kn). Low-profile, glove-friendly Triact-Lock auto locking sleeve quickly snaps into locked position; unlocks quickly with two motions, for increased safety. Patented Key lock gate uses a key-shaped nose on carabiner and slot-shaped gate to create a strong, snag-free closure. Large gate opening makes it easier to clip in; asymmetrical D-shape helps keep proper orientation on working axis when loaded.This is a lot of 5 snap hooks for dog leashes. They are 3" long and will accommodate a leash up to 5/8" wide. They have a shiny silver finish. I have a lot more of these, so if you're interested in a larger quantity, please contact me.

I will gladly ship worldwide, but since the rates have changed, I can't seem to get the shipping price right. Please drop me a convo with what you are interested in, along with your country and I will get you a correct quote. Thank you!