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It is also important to know that if your pet has lice, human treatments aren’t necessarily the solution. While it can be tempting to use ClearLice’s shampoo to treat your dog or cat for lice, especially since the ingredients are completely natural, the truth is that dogs need specially formulated shampoo to keep from stripping their fur of its natural oils. It is always recommended to avoid using human shampoos on pets since they aren’t formulated for pets, even when classified as natural.

The transmission, symptoms, and treatment of lice infestations in dogs and puppies.

I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you could help? Both my dogs have been diagnosed with lice. They were then prescribed revolution treatment which I gave to them on wednesday. On thursday, my cocker was still scratching like crazy and now its saturday and still the same. The vet said its probably an allergy to the lice so she wants to prescribe an antihistamine. I looked on her belly though and it looks like even more "little brown things" are on her belly. They don't look like bugs to me, just little brown things sticking to the hair. How long were your dogs itchy for? I am supposed to give revolution again in 3 weeks but I dont wan't her to be in agony until then! If its normal to be itchy for a while, then maybe I'll just get the antihistamine... I'm just surprised because I thought the revolution would kill them all that day.

Flea, Tick & Lice Treatment, for Dogs, 45-88 lbs - Wegmans

Feb 23, 2016 ... Explores how dogs get lice, why you can't catch lice from your dog, treatment and prevention tips.
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What are Dog Lice - How are they picked up - Treatments to kill them.

Dog lice treatment or management of an infestation can be done with the help of sprays, dips, bathes and thorough cleaning of the skin. Therapeutic elimination is necessary for proper treatment and several anti-parasitic drugs can be used for purpose. These therapeutic agents, such as pyrethrins, permethrin , lindane, rotenone, methoxychlor, diazinon, malathion, or coumaphos are commercially available in different formulations such as sprays, lotions, dips, dust and shampoos, with various therapeutic levels. Application of anti-paraistic/anti-lice preparation requires repeated doses in 10 – 14 days, because all canine lice nits are usually not killed in single application. A veterinarian should prescribe anti-parasitic drugs, and owners should follow the instructions of the veterinarian and before application clearly read the instructions on the label. One over the counter option is .

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Fipronil is an insecticide that controls and treats lice, along with other parasites like fleas. Frontline can be easily applied to the skin between the shoulder blades, but make sure you don't only apply the medication to the hair of your dog. The medication will bind itself to the oils on your dog's skin, providing continuous treatment and prevention of fleas, lice and ticks. Frontline is also water-proof and will continue working after bathing, swimming or being out in the rain or snow.Dog lice are spread through direct contact with an infested animal or from using a contaminated brush or other grooming tool. Treatments with fipronil is usually enough to prevent lice from spreading but owners should clean and sterilize grooming utensils, bedding, pet carriers and vacuum areas of your home where pets sleep and play. Lice will most likely spread from an infected pet to any others in your home so isolation and maintaining a hygienic environment may stop the spread of the parasite.