Older dogs are most vulnerable to problems related to loss of balance

I have a senior overweight Chihuahua who is now on Natural Balance Fat Dogs. I have tried Blue Buffalo healthy weight and he wasn’t crazy about it. I also didn’t notice any changes. He tried Wellness healthy weight, and also the same results as BB. So. I tried NB fat dogs. He has more energy, has a slimmer waist, and lost 1.5 lbs.

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My 13+ year old Lab mix has had trouble walking, keeping her balance the last few days. She's had vestibular disease in the past so we sort of knew how to handle things. Along with the disorientation, she is experiencing loss of appetite so we have tried to supplement with some canned dog food. She has lost so much weight, her ribs are protruding. Her episodes seem to worsen immediately after eating, she can barely walk, she lays down and grunts, tonight she started foaming at the mouth. She does this for about 5 minutes until she can get to sleep.

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13 year old lab who suddenly lost her balance. drunken appearance - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist. Some commons symptoms of this disease are leaning toward one side, shaking of the head, and walking around in circles. Vestibular means a problem with the connections between inner/middle ear and brain causing ataxia. Dogs with ataxia stand with their limbs braced, they walk with difficulty and have a “drunk” type of motion because they have lost their sense of balance. When the vestibular nerve, which travels from the inner ear to the brain, malfunctions. It disrupts the animal’s sense of balance and orientation.

Vestibular Disease in Dogs: Symptoms and Proper Treatment

Our dog Molly, black lab mix (large) did the same thing. I took her to the vet and she had an ear infection that was making her lean toward one side when she walked, After some antibiotics the infection cleared and she was fine, She too was older and we lost her 2 years later but I was suprised that an ear infection caused her to lose her balance. Good luck

My dog is walking sideways and loses balance

How do you know if your dog has an ear infection? Look at her. If she’s scratching her ears and shaking her head and/or you notice redness and swelling, her ear is probably infected and she’s probably in a lot of pain. A pungent odor and waxy buildup from the ears is of infection. My dog even lost balance as he walked due to his ear infection – which was adorable at first but scary a few times later – and I knew I needed to do something immediately. I was scared after 1.5 days because I’m a vet technician and know about these illnesses and their possible signs. Is anyone else going to ask for a recall? Anyone? I’m going to take it to Pure Balance and they will take it to Ainsworth. But it will take more than a few people, unless they are already on the fence. I want a reimbursement on my vet bill as well as a recall. Together we could form a class action for those who HAVE proof they have lost their dogs while on this diet.