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It's one thing to live in a $325,000 yourself--but to build one just for your pets demonstrates a brand new level of excess. A brand new level excess that perhaps can only be reached by Paris Hilton. See, Hilton built this two-story, air-conditioned, designer furniture-decorated, heated, and black crystal chandelier-boasting miniature mansion for her dogs. Yes, Paris Hilton's dogs live in a more expensive, decadent, and consumptive house than millions of Americans do. More pics after the jump.

Hecate Verona is launching the world’s first line of luxury dog mansions, which include.

German company offers absolutely stunning dog mansions. Their collection consists of four different models to choose from and the quality and richness of detail is quite amazing. If you want something special for your pet you can customize any of them or send your own project. For example, copy of your own house. But these cool mansions aren’t cheap – price tag for dog’s starts from $2800.

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The development of these luxury dog mansions began three years ago according to Alice Willimas, Creative Director at . This Victorian style dog house is spacious enough for three or four dogs to roam and have plenty of room. This dog house is a replica of the owner’s larger Victorian mansion. The owner commissioned the project after a large owl almost carried off one of her Pomeranians. The entire unit cost her a cool $20,000, but it is large enough for her to hangout as well.

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This brick mansion design dog house is also completely customizable. The minds at Beyond the Crate are the proud designers of this luxurious piece. It has amenities like running water, lights, heat, and air conditioning. Living in the lap of luxury does cost a pretty penny, this model’s price tag starts at $25,000.

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Paris's pinkified pet playhouse has two floors. Downstairs there is a living room and upstairs there is a bedroom and a closet to stash the many outfits she has purchased for her small pets. Hilton's dogs, which bear names like Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada, will feel right at home because the mini-mansion, outfitted by interior decorator Faye Resnick was designed to resemble Hilton's own home in all its pink majesty and includes miniature Philippe Starck furniture, heat, air conditioning and even a black crystal chandelier and black ceiling moldings. The Price? Only $325,000.()German company Best Friends Home offers absolutely stunning dog mansions. Their collection consists of four different models to choose from and the quality and richness of detail isVictorian Dog House for Three | This Victorian-style doggie mansion cost a cool $20,000 to build. It’s home to three fabulous dogs, Chelsea, Darla, and Coco Puff. The home is a smaller version of the owner’s historic Victorian home. She commissioned the project after an owl almost kidnapped one of her Pomeranians. The structure is large enough that she can enter and visit her canine neighbors.The German company “Best Friends Home” seems to understand people who would buy anything for their dogs and came up with a very nice idea, that of building some stunning dog mansions. They created four different models, each being an example of quality and richness of details.