That could include making his meals from scratch

Mix the salad greens with the sardines, then mix in the rice and avocado. Add the ½ teaspoon Spirulina and then sprinkle the whole recipe with parmesan cheese, stir and serve. Makes one or two meals for a 20-25lb dog.

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The first two meals came from Cooking for Two — the human-friendly chicken and rice dish known as "Arroz con Pollo" and a heaping portion of macaroni and cheese. Like most of the recipes, after a few steps, the directions for both dishes verge into separate categories "for dogs" and "for humans," depending on who is getting fed what portion. Cooking for Two’s recipes are meant to be timesavers compared to cooking two entirely different meals for a person and a dog — yet they come in one-meal servings for a reason. Though many people feed dogs leftover scraps, shouldn’t be given to pets. Some are only bad in large quantities and cause upset stomachs, while others — like chocolate or caffeine — can lead to death. Other ingredients like cheese might be fine in small quantities but, as most dogs can’t easily process lactose, are best left for an occasional treat. The most notable no-nos for these recipes’ purposes are salt, sugar, and onions. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget how salt and onions making everything taste delicious — until you remove them from a recipe.

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And for foodies who have the urge to cook up a delectable meal for their dogs, check out this extremely healthful, nutrient-dense recipe: Together, we made chicken stew with tomatoes and greens. (If by "together" you mean "I made it and they sniffed around the kitchen until they got to eat some.") But this meal was not just filling for dogs and humans, it was delicious, too. Salt was only added to the human portions, though the soup did call for some garlic and two teaspoons of dried Italian seasoning. (While onions are always off limits, garlic in small quantities is okay for dogs.) The recipe featured collard greens, potatoes, diced tomatoes, and chicken — enough food groups and flavors to make a full meal. Interestingly, it was also the healthiest human dish of the lot.

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Though Mesa and Bandit continue to haunt the kitchen, their days of dual-species meals may be behind them for one simple reason: there’s another human around I can share my food with. I’ve always hated cooking for myself and might turn to a canine dinner companion in a pinch, but I’m not convinced they will ever appreciate the other aspects of eating. Dogs wolf down kibble as fast (and happily) as macaroni and cheese, stew, cast-offs from dinner, or unwanted leftovers. There is literally nothing they won’t put in their mouths: When she was a puppy, Mesa chewed up an entire razor blade and ate it (somehow she made it out of the terrifying-for-me event entirely unscathed). I might enjoy beautiful plating but, for a dog, all that matters is that there’s food on the plate.

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