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For dogs who are afraid of getting their nails cut with clippers, the Dog Fashion Living Crystal Glass Nail File is the perfect solution. This double-sided nail file was created by experts in dog and nail care with your pamper-worthy pup in mind. Made from crystal glass, this file is guaranteed to last forever and never wear down. The superior material is non-porous so it doesn’t absorb water and is easy to sanitize, just throw it into your dish washer! The gentle filing motion reduces peeling and splitting of nails, and is so delicate it won’t disturb Dog Fashion Spa nail polishes during touch ups. A must have accessory for every pamper-deserving tail-wagger.

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Save on Dog Nail Clippers - Nail File Trimmer to Smooth Out Nails  via At some point a few months ago, though, she started flinching after each clip. Given our history of happy trims, I decided to trust her, and asked the internet if my clippers could be dull and crushing her nails. The answer was a resounding YES! So now, I sharpen them before each trimming by clipping a folded up sheet of aluminum foil, and shape the edges with a glass file (the dog fashion one mentioned above) to save wear and tear. Nala no longer flinches with each clip, and she lolls back on the couch and drifts off a bit when I use the file! So I’m offering that as another possible reason for filing to be preferable to clipping–no crushing sensation from dull clippers. Hopefully it helps someone!

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Mine were very concerned with the noise, so I started conditioning the dogs to the sound of the grinder by playing it for a week at each meal. The grinder would go on, then food came out and they ate. I gradually moved the grinder closer to them while they were eating. When the no longer flinched at the sound of the grinder turning on, I then moved on to working with them individually with the grinder as outlined in your post. I also trained scratching a dog nail file — which is a board covered with stick-on anti-slip stair tread tape. This works great for the front paws for some of my dogs. I’ve not been successful in training a kick of the back paws, so must clip or use the grinder on those.

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fave dog nail polish, dog nail file, dog nail polish remover, and much more! ♥ I purchased this product as our rescue German Shorthair Pointer can't stand a grinder touching her nails. We worked with her for a year trying to get her used to the grinder with no luck. Taking her to a groomer to have her nails clipped and ground is very tramatic for her as well. It also takes both of us to clip her nails at home, but her quicks are so long that it's not very much.

Since we got the glass nail file a couple of months ago we have worked with getting her used to it. She isn't thrilled that she has to sit still so long, but now I can file her nails by myself. She has even relaxed enough during the process that she's fallen asleep. FInally, her quicks are getting shorter from regular maintaince.

Thanks to the glass nail file and the helpful staff of Dog Fashion Spa my rescue experices less stress and her nails are starting to look wonderful!