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In this module, we delve into the critical relationship between food and health and lay the foundation for your dog to live a long, healthy life. You will learn about nutrigenomics, the emerging science of how the foods and other nutritional ingredients our dogs consume communicate with their cells to affect gene expression, which in turn plays a major role in determining their health. You will learn the difference between the genetic factors about your dog that you cannot change, and those that you can strongly influence. We will also delve into functional foods, key ingredients that will help your dog’s cells express for health rather than disease so that you can immediately begin to build a better diet for your canine companion.

Remember ... your dog's health, more than any other single aspect, depends upon optimum nutrition.

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What kind of nutrition does your cat or dog really need to stay healthy? Who’s a good dog? Every single one of them, and they all deserve a treat now and again. And that’s the key: now and again. A cornerstone of many training methods, treats provide almost as much joy to the giver as to the recipient. But unfortunately, like most wonderful things in life, they come with a catch: Even healthy snacks have calories, so make sure you count goodie calories as part of your pup’s daily intake. And remember that sometimes the things that make treats so tasty are salt and fat—another reason for moderation. When choosing snacks, keep your dog’s particular nutritional needs and dietary restrictions in mind, along with his flavor preferences. A quick online search will turn up lots of easy, healthy recipes for homemade treats, many customizable to various dietary restrictions.

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High performance sport dogs are those bred and trained to compete in various athletic . Events include but are not limited to, agility trials, hunting and racing. These events are physically and metabolically demanding. As a result, canine athletes require specialized nutrition in order to perform at high levels during events and for maintenance and recovery. The main nutritional concern for sport dogs is adequate energy. A well-balanced diet, containing the appropriate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber and micronutrients is essential to meet these energy requirements.

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At Metairie Small Animal Hospital, we have spent decades educating pet owners about proper dog nutrition for dogs of all ages, breeds, conditions and lifestyles. Because canine nutrition ultimately plays a large part in , we want to share some veterinary insight with you about proper dog nutrition, whether you are looking for puppy food recommendations, or advice.Select an adult dog food that is specifically balanced to deliver the caloric and nutritional requirements essential for health, happiness and wellness. It is also important at this stage in a dog's life to make sure to use portion control whether or not you use timed or free choice feeding methods.