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Do you have one or two dogs with a mild temperament that needs basic obedience training and behavior management? Our small, yet powerful iQ Plus e-collar, by iQ Pet, is a terrific choice for your dog’s training needs. Combined with many features found in full sized remote trainers, but built for dogs 10 pounds and up, the iQ Plus is an expandable remote dog training tool that lets you train up to two dogs simultaneously.

The iQ Plus e-collar has training modes in Nick, Constant, and our patented non-stimulating Pager Vibration, much like the vibrate feature on cell phones. The iQ Plus outputs a Low-Mid stimulation output from 1-100 levels, using our patented front facing Rheostat Intensity Dial for gradual and precise control. A 400-yard range provides consistent communication with a waterproof receiver/collar. The iQ Plus is the tool that many professionals trust when shaping basic obedience in companion dogs.

This obedience remote dog training shock collar is intuitive to use and very effective in dog training. Vibration is the humane an

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Training Aids, The Dogtra Dog Training Collar with Remote provides stimulation and vibration obedience training at a range of 400 Dog training collars are must-have tools that assist you in obedience training and behavior modification training with your dog. While there are many types of training collars for dogs available (from chain and pinch collars to no-pull collars and harnesses) some of the most popular, efficient, and easy to use dog training collars are electric collars. Otherwise known as remote training collars, e-collars, or shock collars, these training tools are ideal for a variety of dog training techniques including aversion and obedience training.

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Remote training collars are safe and effective tools that just about anyone can use to teach a dog some basic obedience like recall, sit, and heel or to address problem behavior like jumping, barking, or raiding the trash. Sporting dog owners almost always use remote trainers in the field to communicate and control their canine hunting partners.

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