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In contrast, the outside dog kennels for sale at Lone Star Structures are handcrafted, using the same techniques a carpenter would use to build a house. We start with a strong foundation using 4x4 treated skids and 2x4 treated floor joists 16" on center. Then we fasten the 50 year 5/8" tongue and groove Advantech flooring. Advantech is an engineered product perfect for use in outdoor dog cages because it will not absorb moisture or delaminate. The tongue and groove feature enhances floor strength by interlocking and provides an effective seal against moisture and insects - both major concerns when building outdoor dog cages.

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Amish craftsmen are well known for the beauty and precision of their wood outdoor creations along with their expertise in animal handling. Our carpenters at Amish Structures merge these two qualities together creating unique and functional custom dog kennels. We can assure you that our outdoor dog kennels for sale are some of the finest Amish dog kennels in Maryland and New Jersey.

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Outdoor Dog Kennels for Sale | Dog Kennels :: Dog Kennel (10' Wide) - Amish Backyard Structures All sizes of our outdoor dog kennels for sale feature an A-frame roof, meaning your dogs have shade and some rain protection. Each of these outdoor dog enclosures is set above the ground to protect from floods and the lining in the box is made from glass board.

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If you've looked at cheap outdoor dog kennels for sale in the marketplace, you've probably noticed that the seller doesn't go into much detail about the quality of construction. The truth is cheap outdoor dog kennels are rarely a bargain and often create more problems than they solve.

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Your dog is an important member of your family, so he too should enjoy all the comforts of home in one of our beautiful new outdoor dog kennels. From the eye-pleasing design and construction to the insulated maintenance-free interior and ample outside run areas, our new outdoor dog kennels will meet your high standards for such an important part of your family. The dog kennels for sale on our website are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and options. Design one that is just right for you and your dog. Our craftsmanship and quality construction will provide years of performance and satisfaction.