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The second option is for dogs who absolutely refuse to allow anything to be wrapped around their feet. For those picky pups, there’s a wax-like cream that you can rub on their paw pads and between their toes. It will have to be cleaned off at the end of the walk unless you want waxy paw prints all over the house, but it keeps paws from feeling the burn. is the wax of choice for protecting paws.

Use these tips to protect dog paws from hot pavement and prevent painful pad burns.

Paw wax can easily be smeared onto your dog's paw pads to protect them from harmful surfaces. Paw wax is designed to protect your dog's feet from hot surfaces and potentially harmful chemicals like road salts. (If you need something right away, you can try some Vaseline. It is not nearly as good, but better than nothing.)

Hartz Home Protection Odor-Eliminating Dog Pads, 14 ct, Multicolor.

Taking Care of Your Pet With Dr. Dave and Protecting Your Dogs Pads from the Heat and Co 100% natural waxes for all-season paw protection.
Protects dog's pads and feet against saltburn and snowballing in Winter months, plus sandburn and hot asphalt in the Summer.

Protect Your Dog Against Dry, Rough Paw Pads With PawTection!

Booties: Yes, your dog might look a little silly, but dog boots are actually quite effective at protecting his feet from snow and ice as well as de-icing products, which can make your dog sick if he licks it off his paws. These products can also burn pads and the sensitive skin between their toes, causing great pain and distress. “The boots my dogs wear in winter if temps fall into the single digits or below zero come from ,” says Roxanne Hawn, AKC grooming columnist. Another popular brand is , available at most major pet stores.

Understanding Dog Foot Pads - Are My Dogs Feet Really Protected?

Whether your dog assists in the hunt, pulls a sled, searches through rubble, or just hangs out in the yard, TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paw pads in excellent condition. TUF-FOOT toughens and protects soft, sore and tender pads on your dog. TUF-FOOT has been shown to aid in the healing of sore, cut, and/or tender paws and pads, often having remarkable results within a few days. TUF-FOOT also prevents cracking and bleeding of your dog's pads.3. The digital and metacarpal pads work as shock absorbers and help protect the bones and joints in the foot. The carpal pads work like brakes, of sorts, and help the dog navigate slippery or steep slopes.