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Step 5: Once the step 4 stage is reached, you are ready to begin. To trim the dogs, you will need (a) an electric clipper, (b) a scissors, (c) glasses if you are of a certain age, and (d) a head lamp. A head lamp is basically a flashlight attached to a strap that you place around your head so that your hands are left free. Yes, they exist. You can buy a head lamp at any store that sells outdoor/hiking gear. Go in and ask them for a headlamp for trimming the hair between dogs’ paws. This will not help you get the said product, but it will give you the satisfaction of confusing a poor store clerk, and given what you are about to embark on, you should take satisfaction wherever you can get it.

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After trimming the hair between the pads, while the dog is standing in a natural position with the hair brushed down neatly, gently wrap your hand around his leg right above the paw and then move your hand down until you reach 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the floor. Carefully lift the paw and bend it backward following the natural movement of the leg. At this point you should have a clear view of the already clean pads. With curved scissors, trim the hair following the shape of the pads.

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In this video I show you guys how I trim the top of my dog's feet hair Whether you are a professional dog groomer or a pet owner who does home grooming, clipping the hair around a dog's paws can be tricky. This part of the grooming session requires equipment to reach the fur that grows between the toe pads on the paws. Special trimmers for dogs' feet are available from makers of other dog grooming supplies.

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On dogs with a medium-length coat, the best way to trim the extra hair on top of the paw between the toes is by using a slicker brush and thinning shears.

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Step 1: Get a dog that you don’t have to trim the hair under your dog’s paws. There are many good breeds out there for which this is true. If you are unfortunate enough to have chosen the breed of your dog unwisely, follow the remaining steps.Step 12: Retrieve clipper, make sure the head lamp is lit, and grab the paw again. Ignore the aggrieved look of the dog, there’ll be lots of that. Hold very firmly, separate the pads again, and use the clipper to trim between the pads. Now, when I said firmly just now, what I really meant was “with a death grip”. Ignore any looks or twisting that the dog is making while you grimly trim the hair. Hold tightly!!Step 11: To trim the hair between the paw pads, use your thumb to separate the pads. Hold the paw firmly, because dogs are ticklish between their paws. Really, and failure to hold the paws firmly will result in clipper being tossed out of your hands onto the floor where it will vibrate in a grating fashion just out of reach when the dog yanks back its paw.Before trimming the hair, observe the nails. You will most likely be trimming the nails atthe same time you are cleaning the paws. Torn nails can be extremely painful. If you see that your dog has fractured hernail, call the vet. The nail may need tobe removed surgically. Pay particularattention to dew claws if present. Sometimes they are so small and easily forgotten. These nails can grow in a circular mannerwith the end growing into the skin of the foot. If there is nothing visible, it should be fine to continuewith the trim.