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Life in Calgary, Alberta, Canada comes with a guaranteed dry climate. Keeping these little guys moisturized is a must. Depending on the weather, and daily activities, I bathe my dogs anywhere from once a week to 10 days. Every 3 to 4 days with my show dogs. Daily paw rinsing may be required if the weather gets a bit wet. (for the hairless guys) works great. This lotion has an oatmeal base and is quite gentle on their skin. Recently, I’ve given Avon products a try and, found that so far the lotions and creams are working great as well.

Have considered boots with some kind of heavier duty moisturiser, and sled dog paw wax, but am just not sure if it would do any good.

This super conditioning paw treatment will relieve your dogs’ cracked, dry and rough paws and protect them from everyday wear and tear. It is great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against; hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt. This wonder product can also be used to moisturise nails, dry noses and treat calloused elbows and dry patches. WildWash Healing Paw Balm contains 100% natural, human grade ingredients and is completely safe for your pet to lick.

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Angels' Eyes Soothing Soft Paw Moisturizer for Dogs (4 oz) - EntirelyPets For anyone looking for a good dog paw pad moisturizer, we recently had the opportunity to review Walter’s Dog Balm and loved it! It is all natural and can also be used on dry snouts and elbows as well. This will be a big help for the cold, dry Winter!

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Paw Soother provides a barrier against the elements, while also thoroughly moisturizing damaged paws back to health. Dogs are sensitive creatures that deserve extra special care, our all-nautral product was formulated to protect your dog the organic way.

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Olive oil can relieve skin irritation caused by fleas or dry skin, and it’s a great lubricant for sore, cracked paws; a common problem for dogs walking on sidewalks in the summer heat... (The link that this pin takes you to recommends using commercial paw moisturizer, but a natural solution is probably better AND if your dog licks it off it not only won't be harmful it will actually be a useful addition to his diet!)* Gather your supplies: shampoo, brushes (you may want to use a shampooing brush), comb, washcloth and/or sponge, towels, cotton balls, mineral oil, petroleum jelly...and detangler and moisturizer if you use them. A soft brush is helpful in cleaning around paws. You can place the items in a plastic bucket for easy carrying and access...and open bottle caps beforehand so that you do not have to wrestle with caps while holding onto your dog. You may wish to put a few small tasty treats in a plastic baggie so that you can reward your dog for good, calm behavior.