36629, Bull Dog Pitching Machine, $599.00

A new Kickstarter project takes all the work out of playing fetch with your dog, replacing your throwing arm with a nifty gizmo and keeping your hands drool-free. It’s essentially a more basic pitching machine that requires no human intervention, but the iFetch looks like an incredibly useful tool for the play-obsessed pup, so long as it can learn the necessary trick to get the cycle…

Switch adapted baseball pitching machine used to launch a ball to exercise a dog

Use the JUGS Lite Flite Pitching Machine to help improve batting skills and prepare for all types of pitches. With a full range of movement, this machine can throw all types of pitches, including fastballs, curveballs and sliders, anywhere from 15 to 85 mph. The machine is compatible with JUGS Lite Flite and Bulldog Poly baseballs and softballs.

Bull Dog Pitching Machine - Douglas Sports Equipment

This spinning wheel design is what most automatic dog pitching machines on the. If you are looking for an inexpensive ball throwing machine for your dog or if you simply want some batting practice, you might take a look at this electronic pitching machine offered by Franklin Sports.

Bull Dog Pitching Machine, Item # 36629

Another customer mentions that he managed to quickly train his dog to bring back the balls and put them in the chute, and he can have fun with his dog without tiring out his arms and shoulders. The reviewer also states that this electronic ball pitching machine is easy to assemble, and he can play with his dog for hours without the balls getting stuck inside.

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Gone are the days of throwing a stick. In fact, gone are the days of throwing. With , dogs can play the game of fetch all by themselves. This shrunken pitching machine launches mini tennis balls for your dog to retrieve, resulting in endless hours of entertainment for your furry friend… and, let’s admit, for yourself. The dog daycare's Red Sox "Pawty" featured game-day themed activities for dogs like hot dog eating and a game of catch, the plastic balls served up by a pitching machine.Dog owners have substituted the baseballs with - these apparently work well with the machine and are more ideal for dogs, resistant to being chewed up. that the MLB pitching machine is a better alternative than the expensive automatic dog fetching machines that you've seen on the market, keeping their large breed collies, shepherds and labradors, as well as small breed dogs, exercised throughout the winter and summer months. The iFetch, as you’ll see, is basically a pitching machine, like the kind baseball players use to take batting practice, except for dogs. Drop , wait a few seconds, and the machine propels the ball through the air, allowing your small or mid-size dog a nice little run and fetch.