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Richell's playpen for dogs is designed with outdoors and indoors in mind, with a completely water-resistant construction. You can get these with 4 or 6 panels, which are 29 inches in width and 35 inches in height. Similarly to other playpens, this one can also be either combined or broken down to make larger or smaller playpens for dogs.

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And always choose the appropriate height for your dog playpen. A large dog playpen will need a much higher height than a pen designed for small puppies. When in doubt, it’s better to choose a large dog pen that your pet won’t be able to jump out of than a dog play pen that is too small and doesn’t do its job.

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Large-Extra-Large-8-Panel-Pet-Play-Pen-Dog-Puppy-Animal-Rabbit-Cage-Run-Garden Most portable dog playpens aren't gigantic. One COULD purchase more panels for some models to make a larger pen, but if you are in a campground, your space could be limited anyway.

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This depends on the size of your pet. A husky, for example, will be able to jump out of even a large dog playpen. A puppy play pen will be significantly smaller in size compared to a pen designed for a larger pet.

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You should treat any puppy housesoiling or house-destruction mistake as a potential disaster, since it predicts numerous future mistakes from a dog with larger bladder and bowels and much more destructive jaws. Many owners begin to notice their puppy's destructiveness by the time he is four to five months old, when the pup is characteristically relegated outdoors. Destruction is the product of a puppy's boredom, lack of supervision, and a search for entertainment. Natural inquisitiveness prompts the lonely pup to , , and escape in his quest for some form of occupational therapy to pass the day in solitary confinement. Once the neighbors complain about the dog's incessant barking and periodic escapes, the dog is often further confined to a garage or basement. Usually though, this is only a temporary measure until the dog is surrendered to a local animal shelter to play the lotto of life. Fewer than 25 percent of surrendered dogs are adopted, of which about half are returned as soon as the new owners discover their adopted adolescent's annoying problems.It has sixteen square feet of room for your pet to romp in, and all but the biggest dogs will be quite pleased with it. Despite its large size, storage is a snap since it will easily fold flat and allow you to place it somewhere out of the way in your shed or garage when it’s not in use. It’s simply one of the best dog playpens you’ll be able to find, and for the price, it’s an absolute steal.If you have a large open yard, or just dogs prone to tearing through your carefully manicured landscaping, you might want to consider adding a playpen for your canines. You’ll be able to keep them confined to where you want while still allowing them to enjoy some playtime outdoors, which will keep both of you quite happy. If you’ve been looking into it, you might be a bit confounded by the large amount of pens available, but we’ll show you how to pick the one that will suit the needs of both you and your canine with a surprising amount of ease.This playpen makes a great backdoor solution for smaller dogs and puppies. Keep in mind it’s not reinforced to the standards you’ll need for larger pets, but it’s perfectly suitable for those small canines which have wormed their ways into our hearts.