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Unfortunately, landfill conditions are not conducive to the breakdown of bags, even if they’re biodegradable. As it sits without decomposing, the feces produces flammable methane and can contaminate nearby water sources. This is why many landfills don’t technically allow any type of feces; but it ends up there, anyway. About of dog poop get dumped in landfills every year

The program aims to help divert dog waste into compost through the use of compostable poop bags.

Finally, you can feed dog poop to worms. Yes, they will turn it into rich vermicompost if their menu does not include more tantalisng entrees. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can start a dedicated worm farm in your basement or even under your sink. But describing all the steps for this more complicated process would, at this point, be like (uh) opening a can of worms. But if this solution is appealing, a few online searches will set you on your way.

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A new initiative has taken off in San Francisco to convert dog poop into compost. Of course, you can also forgo the bag completely. Using a hand-held scoop or shovel to transfer dog waste from the ground to a composting bin, toilet, or hole in the ground may be the most earth-friendly option. But let’s be realistic: for those of living and working in densely populated areas, the poop bag is the way to go. We just need to use them correctly.

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I never intended for this pile to be compost, that's why there's dog poo in it. It started as just a convenient place to dump my leftover leaves and other yard waste that I don't put it my main compost bin. But now the debris pile is getting a little too big, so if possible I'd like to turn it into a compost pile and put it to good use. It's just that I've been mixing dog poop in with the leaves for the past year, so I'm worried about contamination. As far as I know, my dog is healthy, but I'm still not very keen on taking any unnecessary risks. I rinse my vegetables, but I don't use any soap.
If the existing pile is salvageable, I'll turn it into compost and find a better place to dispose of my dog's waste (he's a corgi, so there isn't a ton of it). There aren't many greens in the pile, so it probably won't be ready to use until next year. Will a year be long enough for all the "bad stuff" to die off?

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Dog waste, Canine Poop can be used as fertile compost but some necessary precautions should be followed. Dumping raw dog waste in your compost pile is never a good idea.Maintaining a steady temperature of at least 165 F to kill off the parasitic bacteria in pet waste is quite problematic and certainly not at all cost effective. Dog poop and even cat waste can still be composted, but it should be composted separately from standard organic waste that is normally in the compost heap.