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What is it?
The Potty Cather is a harness that is worn by a dog to catch waste. The harness and bag are completely washable. The harness is made of strapping material, the bag holder is made of a water resistant, washable material. A disposal poop bag can be used to line the catcher bag. The catcher bag is secured in place, and can easily be attached and taken off.

I've seen a few people who make their dog carry the poop bag. They attach it to the dog's harness using a clip.

The PooTrap is far different from any of the other products out there as it prevents the dog poop from ever even reaching the ground. This elaborate apparatus is a special dog harness that straps a u-shaped magnetic band around the tail that adheres to another u-shaped band that secures a plastic bag to your dog’s…ummm…. butt area… in order to catch any poos that come out. The nice advantage is not worrying about leaving a single remnant of your dog’s poop on the ground, but unfortunately that might be outweighed by the number of downsides including stripping your dog of his or her dignity.

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I've seen a few people who make their dog carry the poop bag. They attach it to the dog's harness using a clip. The Turdlebag attaches easily to your dog’s leash, harness, a backpack, a bag, etc. I actually attach mine to the fanny pack I use while working. You can roll it shut while it is empty and when you have added poop bags to it. This keeps the odor level down while you are walking those poops around.

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I do it. Why feel sorry? Sensitive noses, yes. But miserable...I doubt it. My dogs, and most dogs I've ever known, like to sniff the butt of every other dog they encounter, roll around in the excrement of other animals, and even eat it, or their own excrement. I don't think having their own bagged poop on their harness is bothersome.

Multiple harnesses with multiple attachments

Video of something called — a harness a dog wears over its body with a baggie attached by the rear end to catch its poop — has gone viral on Facebook. As the clip reminds us, it’s sort of a diaper for pooches.I don't know if i would ever use this thing for Prince, he is very particular when it comes to using the bathroom. He was one of those pups that wouldn't poop if you were looking at him. LOL Bailey i could probably get away with doing this with! So basically its this harness that also goes around the butt and tail. There is a U-shaped magnetic band that attaches to another U-shaped bag with a bag on it. So you can put this bag on your dog and take him for his walk and when he goes to poop its already there and when hes done you can remove the bag. OR you can wait until right before your dog is going to poop and attach it quickly and then remove it when hes done. I think it's pretty clever and the fact that you can use any bag with this makes it 10 times better!!