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Ha ha that made me laugh. I know where all the public trash cans are too, and I’ve noticed that my dog likes to go as far away from them as possible, I assume so she can force me to carry little bags of poop for the maximum distance.

To which I would reply, because dog-walkers disposing of dog poop in their neighbors' trash cans is a serious matter in our community.

It depends on how far I am from my house. If the trash cans are out and haven’t been picked up yet, I don’t feel bad about it. They should be grateful I’ve picked the poop up at all! There a few inconsiderate people in our neighborhood whose dogs do their business on OUR lawn and they just LEAVE IT THERE. I’ve had to clean up at least 3 random mounds a week since I moved there.

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To which I would reply, because dog-walkers disposing of dog poop in their neighbors' trash cans is a serious matter in our community. AH a topic I’m quite passionate about since unfortunately our trash cans are visible from the front of our house. If it was at the curb and not picked up then YES . . . if sitting at the house, or already picked up NO . . . I don’t even have a dog so it kind of enrages me to find dog poop in my trash cans, it smells weird and we only have pick ups every other week

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Agreed. Throwing their goddamn dog poop in other people's trash cans, obviously in the OP's case, without even looking to see that the trash man has already been there. Letting their fucking mutt poop right in front of my mailbox, as happened last summer. Walking their goddamn elephant dogs and letting them poop and pee everywhere, including all over other people's shrubs.

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I put my dog poop in sealed sandwich baggies, and usually people's trash cans are only out the night before it is collected, so they will never see my baggie. I can't really see why it would be a problem for anyone, but people are wacky and phobic about dog poop and pee, so I dunno.When I lived a few blocks from a park, I discouraged my dogs from pooping until we got to one of the park trash cans so I could toss it right in. Eventually they went in that same spot reliably, and I didn't have to carry two baggies of Rottweiler poop for the rest of the walk.I would never toss a bag of poop into someone's empty trash can, But sometimes, when I am far away from home or a public trash can AND if the cans are out along the street AND the garbage hasn't been picked up yet, I will throw my dog's bag into one. I don't feel great about it and don't do it often, but I also don't enjoy to holding onto a bag of poop for 30 min if I don't have to. Now for the tricky part… disposing of the package. I know it can be tempting to put it in the trash can of the nearest house, but stinking up someone else’s garbage can isn’t very neighborly. I don’t recommend doing this (especially if your neighbor is a gun owner), but if you must, be sneaky and run away fast. Public trash cans or your own trash can are the place for your dog’s poo, so get used to marching through your neighborhood carrying a hot pink bag of warm poop. It’s just one of the many pleasures of being a dog owner.