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For this price, the Dog Playpen By KOUSI Portable Large Metal Wire Yard Fence For animals 12 Panels Popup Kennel Crate Fence Tent Portable - Black is widely recommended and is a regular choice for many people. KOUSI have included some great touches and this means great value for money.

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The Outdoor Pet Fence gives your pet the freedom to roam within the boundary that you have chosen, providing a happy and safe environment, without the need for restrictive ropes, chains, fences, walls or bars. A small transmitter sends a continuous signal through the wire, which marks the boundary of the property. This system offers many advanced features not found on other pet containment systems.

How does the system work?
A small wire is run around the perimeter of your garden (usually buried just beneath the surface). This wire is connected to a small control unit called the transmitter which sends a signal through the buried wire.

Your dog wears a small receiver device attached to the collar. If your dog gets too close to the wire, the collar beeps. If the dog continues, the receiver will emit a mild electrical stimulus ('shock'). In a short time, your dog will learn to respect the boundaries that you establish for him/her.

This system is a very cost effective and humane means of containing your dog in your garden, it also saves the time and money involved in building fencing and pet runs.

- Invisible fence for pet containment
- Digital signal decoding
- Fence length up to 1.5km
- Deluxe waterproof ultralight receiver
- Electronic stimulation: 3 Levels of correction
- Tone warning
- Built in light surge protection
- Cable break indicator
- Rechargeable battery and charger
- Battery life / charge cycle: 1-3 weeks

Important notice: Consider a threshold of 1 to 2 meter inside the defined perimeter. Depending on the size of your garden the system may not be suitable as the zone of free movement for your dog may be too small, triggering the collar too often.

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Expanding Portable Fence Wooden Screen Dog Gate Pet Safety Kid Patio Garden Lawn #Goplus The PIF00-12917 is a portable, in-home wireless invisible fence that works by simply plugging it into a wall. It does not need buried wire or flags to set up the perimeter, and covers 0.75 of an acre. You can add an unlimited number of dogs by simply purchasing additional collars for all pets needing containment. There are five static correction levels, as well as a beep-only option. It fits neck sizes 6 to 28 inches, and also works for dogs that weigh 5 lbs. and up.

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The M-Tronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence is produced by the M-Tronic brand. It uses innovative technology to enable pet owners to create a non-physical circular boundary to enclose pets within a defined safe zone. An impressive feature of the M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence System is that its components, which are very stylish are lightweight, making it very compact. Also, it boasts of a rechargeable collar and is a truly wireless system; there are no wires to install. It is easy to set up and dismantle and can be carried along and used during vacations. Read further to understand what makes the M-Tronic a must-have product.

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