Los Angeles Indoor Dog Potty Grass

Dogs are naturally drawn to real natural grass, you can see that every time you take them for a walk. They are instinctively drawn to the scent of fresh grass. Why work against the natural tendency. Attempting to train your dog to pee on fake potty grass for dogs is literally like overcoming nature. With real grass you will have an immediate weapon in your task of potty training.

SUN POTTY Premium Artificial Turf Dog Potty Grass Patch Puppy Pee Tray

Using synthetic / fake dog potty grass is all around terrible for the environment. The production of synthetic grass releases a number of harmful CFC’s into the environment and all the chemicals needed to clean it are even worse. Natural grass is fully degradable and safe for the environment.

Los Angeles Indoor Dog Potty GrassDog’s Love Real Dog Potty Grass

For more information on our Dog Potty Boxes and Dog Potty Grass Delivery Service I have used all types of potty pads, fake grass and the real grass you can grow inside. It all depends on the dog and the size. I don't have a preference for the older smaller dogs that do understand the difference between inside and outside. I do prefer the typical potty pads for dogs who will go to the bathroom outside as well inside on the potty pad. Now the real grass is harder, because typically with males (who lift up their legs) will miss the grass and start peeing on the floor or the side of the grass. Which tends to begin a bad behavior of peeing indoors. The real grass is only good, for me that is, for very small dogs who have a hard time being potty trained and also live in a very cold climate. Just so they can start learning that grass is the only spot they can pee on. Now it helps to have the real grass but it does tend to become very smelly after a while and you will end up throwing away the grass a lot sooner then it says for the product. This is just my personal opinion. Good luck on your choice!

Dog Potty Grass Delivery Service

Doggy and the City provides our dog potty grass delivery service to dog owners living in Los Angeles and Orange County. Every week we delivery fresh dog potty grass to our customers. Our dog potty grass delivery service is the ultimate convenience for dog owners living in the city.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery Service

The small indoor dog potty is perfect for small dogs and fits well on any patio or balcony without taking up too much room. Our small indoor dog potty is strong, durable, and made to last. This litter box is approximately 5 sq. ft. of naturally absorbent real grass for your small dog! FREE USE OF DOG POTTY BOX INCLUDEDHave a treat in your pocket and introduce your dog to the potty training grass mat saying “go pee.” Wait a minute or so and remove the dog if he or she does not pee. Supervise the dog for about 30 minutes to an hour to prevent an accident and keep repeating the process. (Wait for a shorter amount of time you have a puppy).Our large indoor dog potty is designed especially for large dogs and their need for more space. This dog potty is the perfect size for even the largest dogs. This box is approximately 10 sq. ft. of naturally absorbent real dog potty grass for your large dog’s needs.FREE USE OF DOG POTTY BOX INCLUDEDDIY dog potty patch with REAL grass! Great for an apartment patio! Make the frame taller so it wont be as messy either :) perfect for those late nights you dont want to have to walk the dog out so far to potty.