Is it just an itch, or dog Psoriasis?

The root cause of this disease is completely on the genes. This is also the reason why some dog breeds are more vulnerable than others. Breeds like West Highland terrier or the Golden retriever are the mostly affected. In others, the dog that has its immune system compromised somehow tends to get psoriasis. Dogs that are less exposed to sunlight or have poor hygiene and type of breed are all reason why one would get psoriasis.

Commercial dog food ingredients can contribute to psoriasis development.

For those who don’t know, psoriasis is a an extreme form a dry skin, which is known to itch and flake, which can be quite bothersome to the person (or dog) suffering from it. A good way to know if your dog has psoriasis is to check for the symptoms, which can be fairly easy to recognize. Is the dog focusing a lot of itching and scratching and licking on one area, almost obsessively so? When you check the area the dog is itching, is the skin really dry looking, flaking and inflamed under the coat, or has some of the fur been worn away? That is one sign that dog is having , which are often as common in as they are in humans.

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Don't mind dogs licking psoriasis. It is when they start dry humping your leg I get worried. To address the first and most pressing question, yes. Sadly, dogs can get psoriasis. Being dog lovers, we are aware that dogs often can suffer from many of the same skin infections that humans can. From dry skin and dandruff, from ringworm and psoriasis, a dog’s skin can be incredibly sensitive. But in being treated, dog owners need to be careful and not attempt to medicate their canine companions in the same way they would medicate themselves. Just because a dog can suffer from the same skin problems a human can have, doesn’t mean a dog can have that skin problem treated the same way. In many ways, that could make the problem worse.

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Remember to consult your vet before doing anything drastic related to your dogs health! A lot of this depends on a dogs age, weight, and current health status. Also, if you are in a cold climate expect your dogs condition to need more care. As for most psoriasis suffers the skin tends to become worse in the harsh cold winter months!

Dogs with psoriasis outbreaks get itchy, sore, scaly, reddened skin

You can’t make this stuff up. I remember years ago taking my dog to the vet. I remember him saying that your dog has so many flakes on her, of course, this was from me the house or was it? I remember giving him a snide remark, “Yeah, my dog has psoriasis like me”.How would you know if your dog has psoriasis? You would take your pet to a veterinarian for an examination. If you see red scaly lesions, or , this could be a serious problem. Please have your pet examined. I know I don’t want to be and neither does your dog.Some symptoms of dog psoriasis are your dog scratching like crazy; we want to think it’s fleas, but maybe not. If you see a lot of scaly dandruff that falls off the dog, it could be psoriasis.I was naive when this question was presented to me years back. I firmly believe knowledge is power. You can only tell people what you have knowledge of. I now know that any breed of dog can have psoriasis (although some breeds may be more susceptible than others due to the genetic component) and this isn’t some far-out question. My message is to not rule out that your dog could have psoriasis. !