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BE GOOD Pet Fur Knot Cutter Remove Rake Grooming Shedding Brush Comb Rake Dog Cat Long Short Hair -- Be sure to check out this awesome product. Regardless of how often you are going to use this piece of equipment, make sure that you do it regularly so that your German Shepherd will always feel relaxed and comfortable while you are using it. More than that, using the dog shedding rake regularly will help you keep up in the whole process of grooming your dog and keeping your home as fur free as possible.

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Healthy, well cared for dogs can live many, many happy years as members of loving families, and many of those familiar find it convenient to have a good supply of dog care and grooming supplies on hand. Particularly with medium-to-long haired dogs, the combs, brushes, and rakes can quickly fill with fur and dander, and they are not often worth the trouble of cleaning for reuse. Having extras around the house is a convenience both dog and owner can appreciate.

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The Evolution Grooming Undercoat Rake leaves your dog's coat looking shiny and neat. To maintain a healthy coat, use the Grooming Undercoat Rake regularly. Its long rotating teeth penetrate deep into and easily pull through the coat and undercoat for a tangle-free appearance. The short teeth then collect the hair. The teeth have smooth, rounded ends that feel gentle on the skin. Ideal for any long haired breeds and breeds with thick, heavy coats.This type of rake is designed to remove dead coat while not damaging the healthy coat. You work the tool in the natural direction of the coat growth. Care must be used not to sink the comb too far into a dense coat repeatedly with too much pressure. Tugging too firmly on a thick or tangled coat will be uncomfortable for the dog and difficult for the groomer. Repeatedly digging in too deeply could injure the skin, as well.In this video I show you the : Best Pet Grooming Dematting Comb amp; Undercoat Rake Tool for Dogs amp; Cats by Green Street Pet Basics : Pet Supplies.
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Some dogs don’t like these rough tools and you might need to spend some time incorporating them into their routines. In the mean time, you can use regular hair-removal sticky rolls, the same thing you use on clothes to remove excess loose hair. You can also try using the remote attachment on the vacuum to suck it off excess loose fur, provided the sound of the vacuum doesn't bother the dog. Some common grooming tools include: undercoat rake, slicker brush, shedding comb, de-matting rake and a fine comb (flea comb).