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Just like his human friends in the house, a dog wants to sit or lie on the furniture that looks oh, so comfortable, compared to the floor. Even if the dog is forbidden from the furniture, he may still curl up for a nap on on the couch or bed while you're away. Rather than keeping the dog confined to one room or rendering some rooms off limits, use a homemade repellent spray to make the furniture far less interesting to your four-legged friend.

Dog chew repellents are sprays the you put on your furniture or anything else you don't want your dog chewing on

Boundary Dog Repellent Pump Spray keeps dogs away from furniture, trees, flowerbeds, shrubs, garbage cans and bags, and other forbidden areas indoors and outdoors.

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Cat Repellent & Deterrent Spray | Petco Cayenne pepper is one of the most common and effective natural dog repellents. Pet-Net states that the capsicum found in cayenne irritates dogs' skin, eyes, throat and paws, and they will avoid treated areas. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper directly into your garden or around the perimeter of the lawn as a deterrent. In the house, apply cayenne sprays to carpets or furniture. Only a small amount is necessary, as the sensitive canine nose will easily detect the strong smell.

Long lasting formulas can be sprayed on furniture, carpets & curtains

Spray repellents contain scents the dog doesn't like to be around, causing it to avoid the area or furniture. What scents work depend on the dog's taste and sense of smell, so some experimentation may be necessary. Vinegar, alcohol and citrus are all strong smells dogs dislike.

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If you have a dog, furniture in your home may be at risk. This is particularly the case for puppies thatdon't necessarily know the difference between playing and destroying various items in the house. Puppies and other dogs may also have housebreaking issues, and it's never good to see a carpet, chair, sofa or some other piece of furniture ruined when your pet has an accident. If you've found that attempting to discipline your pet hasn't been sufficient to stop him from getting on your furniture, you should also be able to use a dog deterrent or repellent to do the same thing. While you can buy a repellent spray or mixture at most pet supply stores and many different natural grocery stores as well, it's very easy and less expensive to make your own dog furniture repellent at home.The base for most bitter apple sprays is apple cider vinegar. This vinegar has a tart taste that most dogs stay away from, making it a perfect repellent. In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of regular white vinegar. Shake well and you'll have an effective bitter apple spray alternative. Spray it on furniture legs or other items your dog may have a habit of chewing on (e.g., shoes, children's toys) to immediately shoo your pet away.Dogs can wreak havoc on the legs or cushions of your outdoor patio furniture by using them as their personal chew toys. While providing your own pets with chew toys or using obedience-training methods may keep them from destroying your outdoor furniture, it may be necessary to use a spray repellent to reinforce areas you want them (or neighbors' dogs) to stay away from.Chili powder is sold in every supermarket, is essential for a great chili con carne and other spicy dishes, and absolutely hated by your pooch. Commercial dog repellents often contain chili because the capsaicin that gives the pepper its spice irritates the dog's nose, eyes and throat. However, don't bother to buy a branded repellent as sprinkling chili powder on your lawn or newly planted flower beds will do the trick. If you want to keep him off furniture or rugs, make a spray by dissolving the powder in water. It is non-toxic for your pup, but if there are children around, make sure you don't put chili powder in places where little hands can come into direct contact with it.