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I just can't. Agreed! That is why most of my reviews tend to be rather positive. I try very hard to stock my humidor with good cigars, and I try to get away with paying as little for my hobby as I can. Usually, when I am upset with a cigar, it is because I paid a lot of money for a hyped up and expensive cigar that is no better than the $3 - $4 cigars I usually smoke. The REAL dog rockets I occasionally get stuck with I don't waste the time to finish or review. I try to make a review as informative as I can, and I am not going to waste my time spending half an hour to an hour researching a cigar and writing about a piece of crap that I could not even finish.

He smoked ONE, and by that ONE cigar, the ENTIRE R4 series is a dog rocket.

Even though this cigar was stored at 65% +/- a couple of points with the cello on, It is hard as a rock. Do not be fooled by the nicely yellowed Or should I say browned cello, as some one else stated, the brown color is probably what rubbed off this dog rocket while being put in the cello. Looking at several of these, there is a great varience in color and texture of the wrapper even though they are from the same bundle. Some are smoothly wrapped with almost invisible seams, minimal veins and others not so much.

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Remember, no amount of aging will make a bad cigar good… a dog rocket with 10 years of age is just an old bad cigar. Certainly this is a quality cigar—don't confuse it with some kind of dog rocket. It's better than most of the non-Cuban cigars you'll come across this month, though that's partly by virtue of the fact there are so many crap brands out there, particularly in catalogs. It's just underwhelming, so darn underwhelming.

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Well he cut up the Timbuctoo Maduro Toro after 20 minutes to figure out why it was awful. And he straight up calls the Thompson Empressario Natural Churchil a dog rocket. Maybe he is being nice, but if it was a true dog rocket I don’t think he would pull any punches. If anything the extra expense should result in him being more critical. Anyway I took it as avoid the Gordo vitola and plan mild cigars aren’t worth the money.

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