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While the grooming scissors will be used on your dog, the comfort of holding them in your hands is one of the most important factors of, choosing the right pair. Try to find a pair with an ergonomic grip or comfort to help provide plenty of comforts when using them on your dog.

We hope you find the perfect pair of dog grooming scissors for your dog (or cat).

If you are looking for a dog grooming kit then this set is a great choice. The set includes 2 different sized grooming scissors, a trimming scissors, comb, scissor lubricant, cleaning cloth and case.

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4 Pcs Dog Pet Professional Grooming Hair Thinning Scissors Nail Clipper Set Dog grooming shears do not have to cost you hundreds of dollars to be a good investment. Micio Micia dog shears are inexpensive, but made of high quality stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust. They come with a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects, so with proper care your dog grooming scissors will last […]

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My daughter grooms her own Golden Retriever and needed new scissors. The pair that she has is quite old and in disrepair. This set of two is awesome! There are two different sizes. She used the larger pair to remove some matted hair from the dog’s under belly. They are really sharp and she said that they are comfortable to use thanks to the design of the handles and finger rest. The rounded tips prevent accidently puncturing her dog. If needed, she said that the scissors can be adjusted via the screw to either tighten or loosen them. She is really happy with this set and said that the price was great for two pair of quality scissors.

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When you want your pet to look their best, get dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at Candi's Scissors & Suds in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. Call us today. I offer a very professional, clean and relaxed home atmosphere for your pet's dog grooming session.Scissors for dog grooming are available for almost any budget, and your money is likely to go further when you shop on eBay; many sellers offer professional dog grooming scissors at a fraction of their recommended retail price. The better the scissors you buy, the easier you will find it to groom your dog and get the right results.And what if the imput is still "dog" after the 2nd time? Is there a way to create a loop or something so you can only enter rock, paper or scissors?If you look at the question then you can see that it says, What if a user makes an inappropriate choice like 'dog'? How can we extend the function to handle that? So the key word in there is if. I do not agree with the guy with the most votes, he's overthinking it like most computer programming people do. If you look at my code for the same question all i did was add an else statement right at the end but still in the compare function that comes back with "That option is not vaild" I figured if it made it through all of the if and else statement above, the computer has already decided that it is neither rock, paper or scissors so the else statement near the end deals with everything but those 3, it's wayyy simpler then using and/or statements at the start