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If you'd like more information on the various anti-anxiety medications available, . If you're currently battling with the separation anxiety monster, I wish you patience, love, acceptance, and the clarity of mind to make the right choices for your dog.

There is dog medication for obesity, separation anxiety, and of course Prozac for .

Cannas et al and King et al reported that the administration of clomipramine did not completely eliminate signs of separation anxiety. Additionally, some studies investigating the efficacy of medication to treat separation-related problems have simultaneously implemented behavior modification, ranging from systematic desensitization and counterconditioning to more general advice about owner interactions with the dog,,, making it difficult to determine the effect of medication in isolation. Some researchers, however, have found that dogs administered medication concurrently with behavior modification improved more than dogs that received a placebo and behavior modification. Simpson et al found that, among dogs given behavioral therapy, 50% of those administered a placebo improved compared to 72% of the dogs administered fluoxetine.

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Medication is available out there for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, however this isn’t the route you want to go with ideally. While the experiment was intended to probe the nature of the placebo effect, the findings still have practical applications. Dogs with severe separation anxiety are often given medication or behavioral therapy. These therapeutic interventions can be costly, and there are welfare considerations involved in continually treating dogs with anti-anxiety medications. To that end, this finding also has important veterinary implications.

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This treatment plan sounds simple, but if you've ever lived with a needy dog you know it's really not. Some dogs turn around within days while others drag on for months. In some cases, Fido may even need medications. The two that have been approved for use in dogs with separation anxiety are Clomicalm® and Reconcile®. But even with these drugs, separation anxiety is not quickly fixed. For best results, the medication has to be paired with the behavior modification. And to throw a wrench into the process, dogs showing individual signs of separation anxiety may have a different problem instead.

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