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Traditional pet courier services can charge several hundred dollars upwards to thousands of dollars to ship a dog. At Roadie, we think the cost of shipping a dog should be a fraction of that price. Unlike other pet couriers, we don’t charge for travel consultations, handling fees, or door-to-door delivery surcharges when calculating the cost to ship a dog.

May 17, 2009 - He is a large breed dog so shipping him 3000 miles was going to cost me between $800-$1100

In order to be more affordable than other pet carriers, we consider a number of factors to set the cost of shipping a dog including distance and urgency. You can view this webpage to get more details on the cheapest way to ship a dog. To get a free estimate, check out our Gig Estimator here.

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Planning to ship a dog by air means taking the time to understand the procedures as well as the costs, especially if you are shipping internationally. An ok! I was looking at the us in a few years and it works out cheaper (and better for the dogs) to go via queen Mary 2, they have an on board kennels and it works out less for all of us to go (2 kids) than for the shipping costs for the dogs alone!

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In 2000, Animal Transporters was established by animal enthusiast, Susan George and has been caringly transporting pets ever since. Whether it is domestic or , pet shipping, pet relocation or air pet transportation - no pet transfer is too large or too small. Safety is our number one concern and we are fully insured for the best in stress-free, low cost pet transportation for all your dog, cat and pet travel needs.

By submitting our simple online , you will provide us with all the necessary information to meet your individual pet relocation and dog pet shipping needs.

We offer a wide range of animal transportation and shipping services for your pet's relocation including:

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While you’re looking for a trustworthy dog shipping service, you’re also looking for the lowest cost to ship a dog. Here at Roadie, we don’t think shipping your dog should cost thousands of bones. That’s why we are committed to providing you and your pet the easiest, safest, and most affordable .Honey is a beautiful 60-pound mix breed the color of...well, honey. Her human, Donovan, needed to get her all the way up the East Coast but knew the cost to ship a dog could be really high. He set up a Gig with Roadie, and Driver Celena was glad to have Honey for company when she made the drive a couple days later. Honey was delivered right to the doorstep of where she needed to be, for less than $250 – a fraction of what other pet shipping services would have cost. Honey is loving that fresh, crisp breeze coming in from the Atlantic.Unlike other pet courier services, Roadie doesn’t hit you with surprise surcharges or handling fees. Get an instant price quote on the cost of shipping a dog before you post a Gig.