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Flea and tick season is fast approaching and although I've been told many times that fleas don't like raw fed dogs, I'm not willing to take a chance. Yet. I had an opportunity to try in exchange for this review. It was great timing, because it's spring, 80 degree weather (totally not natural for April) reminded us that flea and tick season is coming, and the flea and tick treatment we've used for years is no longer available.

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But, finding the perfect treatment for your dog can be tricky. With thousands of different types of fleas, some are bound to be resistant to certain medications. So, it may take a bit of trial-and-error, but the flea and tick preventions in this review are to start with.

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Stop the itch! We rate & review the best flea treatment for dogs available right now. Fast effective relief from fleas and ticks available over the counter. Flea and tick medications come in a number of forms, from home treatment to collars and shampoos. For large infestations, you may consider talking to your vet about combining treatments for maximum effectiveness. The treatments in this review are great products to start with if you're looking for the best flea and tick medicine for your dog.

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Frontline Plus for Dogs is topical treatment that kills not only fleas, flea eggs and larvae, but also ticks and chewing lice. Most reviews say that the product is highly effective, but some say it didn't help at all. Generic versions are also available; experts say that some work just as well as Frontline Plus, but others do not -- and be wary of counterfeit products, which might be the source of some complaints over effectiveness.

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In this article, I also want to discuss the importance of using dog flea collars, what other type of flea prevention for dogs there is, what flea and tick treatment solutions work best, and review top best flea collars for dogs including these five:The Bottom Line: Do take the time to read reviews about this product, I wish I had, before I used on my poor furbaby, who had a severe skin reaction that lasted for days. I highly recommend testing a small area on your dog before using the entire tube.

I purchased this Bio Spot Spot On Flea and Tick Control For Dogs at Petsmart, because there were having a two-for-one sale and it looked like a decent product.

I applied it on my dog as soon as I got home, and that process alone was quite difficult to do because the applicator is entirely too short for dogs with long hair (I have a Great Pyrenees), so I did struggle to get the product down to the skin. Within about two hours of application, my dog started furiously trying to scratch her skin, and since she could not get to the area where she was feeling itchy, she kept running around the house trying to find a surface that would help her get relief. She ended up rolling around the carpet for hours trying to get relief. All along, I had no idea that her skin had badly reacted to the Bio Spot Spot On Flea and Tick Control. I inspected the area where I had applied the treatment, and it was really red and irritated, which let me know her skin had had a severe reaction to the treatment. I had to give her a bath in order to help get rid of the product on her back, but the rash remained for about 3 weeks, until the product finally all went away. Needless to say, I will not be buying this product again, no matter how great a deal it might be.

If you really want to try this treatment, I recommend testing a very small area on your dog's skin first before applying the product.